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Eyes that follow(short story)

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It was a chilly October night.I was making my way home from my sister's.My sister's house was far away from the city.Her house was surrounded by the woods.And would take about 2 hours to reach the city.By the time i got in my car and started to drive,it was pitch dark.

I was inside the forest for only one hour and let me tell you it was starting to freak me out.Another five minutes later,my car started to make funny sounds and it broke down.I checked if i had enough fuel.It was empty.I had filled up the tank before coming to my sister's.This was getting stranger and stranger by the minute.

Gathering enough courage,I started to walk down the path.15 minutes into the path,the wind starts to pick up and the trees were swaying wildly.I kept on walking.Then I heard my name being called.I turned around to see who it was.It was an old man with a torch in his hand.Then I noticed his eyes,his eyes were yellow..bright yellow.I was scared.I tried to run back but i couldn't it was as if my legs had their own mind.

I found myself walking towards the man.When i was close to time.The wind surrounded me.It repeated "When the tree comes down with blood,the owl flies,the ground shakes and the little girl dies".I pinced myself to see if it was a dream but unfortunately it was not one.The wind was calm again.The old man was not in sight.I chuckled to myself.

Then I felt something dripping on me.Looking up,I saw that blood from the trees were covering me.Then I remember what the wind warned me.I tried to run but my feet were rooted to the ground.I started to scream for help but no sound was coming out of my mouth.I could make out owls flying away.Then the ground started to shake.Then the branches gripped my neck tight.

My heart was beating like crazy and my breathing was difficult.Before I knew it,darkness surrounded me.Before I knew it,I was standing next to my dead body watching as the remains of my body carried away by an hooded figure.

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