Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

-Rose's point of view-

This man was standing I front of Gabriel and I saying that I belonged to him, but how can that be when I don't even know this man who's name is James.

"You do not belong here! I suggest you leave while you still can." Gabriel said through clenched teeth.

"I am not leaving without her!" James shouted pointing a finger at me.

"She is not leaving my side!" I could tell Gabriel was starting to lose his temper.

Placing my hand on his arm I moved around his body so that I was out in the open, moving away from Gabriel slowly towards this man. I stopped a few steps away and just studied his face for something that might make me remember him...but there was nothing what so ever.

"I'm sorry...but I don't know you."

I started to move away from him and back to the comfort of Gabriel but James's voice called out to me.

"Wait! Do you remember when you almost died? You herd someone call out to you, telling you to stay alive, that they would come for you. Do you remember that Rose? Because I do. Because that person was me."

I was standing with my back to him, not moving.

"I told you I would come for you, and I have. I'm here to save you."

At this I turned around.

"Save me? I don't want to be saved, there's not his to save me from."

James just stared at me.

"You were my mate though...I'm your protector." He whispered.

I walked towards him, this time closing the space between them. "I'm sorry. Maybe you were at one point, but iv found my place and it's beside Gabriel ruling. Maybe you'll find your other half someday...but it's not me." And with that I turned around and walked back to Gabriel's waiting arms.

"This is where she belongs." Gabriel said and turned is in the other direction to walk away.

"WAIT!" James yelled "IM NOT-" he was cut off by Gabriel.

"That's enough!" Gabriel looked at a few people from his pack. "Deal with him! Now"

Four men moved towards James, two of them grabbing his arms and another one standing behind him holding his head.

"You have been a problem far to long!" Gabriel said and nodded his head. The fourth man was standing in front of James now.

"Wait..." I said. "James...James..." Something clicked "I know you!"

Everyone stopped.

-Gabriel's point of view-

"Wait..." Rose said "James...James..." And just like that I saw something click in her head. "I know you she said!" She said.

"Love, come, our plain is waiting." I said reaching my hand out.

"I want to talk to him first."

"That isn't a good idea love..."


I sighed. "Fine."

Rose walked over to where James was kneeling on the ground.

"How did you find me?" She whispered

"We're mates, I always know where you are."

I could see Rose lower her head slightly like she was trying to figure out how to tell him something.

"James... About that..."

"You love him, don't you."

"I do." Her head came back up. "So much."

Rose turned her head back to face me. There were tears in her eyes.

"Please, don't kill him. He was just trying to save me."

"He keeps getting in my way. I can't just let him walk away." I told her.

"I'll leave you alone, forever." James said looking at the ground. I looked at him for a brief seconed.

Fuck! I was hoping I would never have to make this choice. I was hoping he would be gone, for good! But apparently not. I looked at Rose, I really did love this girl and she was asking something of me that I think might come back and night me in the ass.

"Fine. But only on one condition! If you ever come near her again, I'll kill you myself!" I told him.

""Trust me you won't have to worry about me again."

I nodded for my men to let him go and they did.

"Come on love, our plain is waiting." I said to Rose holding my hand out to her. She took it without question and we headed back to our car. As we passed James she hesitated for a minute.

"I'm really sorry James, I never wanted it to be like this."

He didn't say anything back so Rose and I started our walk back to the car.

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