I missed you

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I missed you

Princeton P.O.V

Me & The girls walk into the living room where the guys at laughing.  Me- Look who came to meet us guys.  All the  guys are smiling at the girls except Prod. I turn around and smiled except for Prod. I turn around and the girls are smiling except for Shanika. Weird.....

Nika POV

Me- I...I'm um Shanika

 Nevaeh-I'm Nevaeh   

Essence- I'm Essence

Riah-I'm Riah

Prince looks between me & Craig then at the guys who are looking at my girls. Yaeh I know Chres, Ray, and Craig. Craigs looks at me confused and then smiles. I missed his smile so much. I spoke up.

Me- Roc, Ray, I KNOW you haven't forgotten bout me?

Chres and Ray  look up at me and smile. They tackle me  with a hug. The girls look at me like I'm crazy.

Nevaeh, Essence, and Riah - You know them?

Me- I now all of them except Princeton.

Craig- I don't get a hug? *smirking at me*

I shyly walk over and hug him. He leans down in my ear.

Craig- I missed you babe.

I break the hug and smile warmly at him. I pull him towards me and kiss him gently on the lips.

Girls- What the hell?!

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