Chapter 1:

It's the year of the 25th hunger games. The very first Quarter Quell...

Torri's POV:

At the end of last year my friend decided to move to district 7, in case we both got reaped at the public reaping this year. And so we could possibly forget about each other before it started, we were both certain that we were both gonna be reaped this year, and we were scared. We decided that since district 7 has never won a single game that one of us would move there, it was her who moved.

Sorry, let me explain our appearances and our abilities:

So, starting with me...

My name is Torri. I am an average built girl around 5 foot 7, I have waist length red hair, and green eyes. I've trained all my life with a bow. I'm 16, and I was born just before the 9th Hunger Games, on the 27th of June. My family never had enough money so my dad taught me how to hunt with a bow, and that's how I became an experienced archer and hunter. He died a few weeks before I turned 11, the year before I was to attend my very first reaping.

My Friend, Reave, she's a very skinny girl around 5 foot 4 with mid waist chocolate brown hair, and grey blue eyes. All her life she's trained with throwing knives and axes. She's 16 as well, born just before the 9th Hunger Games like me, on the 4th of July. Her family was just as poor as mine, her dad taught her how to throw knives and use the axe, although she was best with the knives. When she was 6, her dad died and her mother started to ignore her, claiming that it was all her fault that he died, even though it happened in a mining accident. About 2 years later her mother died from cancer, leaving Reave all alone to fend for herself.

When Reave and I met we were both in the woods, it was just a few years before my dad died, I found her crying under a willow tree, I slowly and cautiously walked towards her. Once I got to her, I sat down next to her and asked her what was wrong. "My mom died a few days ago..." she managed to say in between her sobs.

I can't remember how the rest of the conversation goes but we soon became very good friends and she spent most of her nights over at my house.

2 years later my dad died and I cried just like her.

We both now had to fend for our families, well, me and my mom and she just had to fend for herself but we were so close that it was just like we were one big family.

It was when we both turned 15 that she felt something bad was going to happen, probably at the reaping, if not this year then the next. When it came to the reaping that year and we weren't reaped to compete in the games that time, she knew it was going to happen the next year. That's when she decided that it was her who had to move to another district, not me because I had my mom, Reave thought it would be a great opportunity, to live over in district 7, and train with the axes they have and any knives she could get her hands on.

Now it's the 25th Hunger Games, and this year is going to be different!

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