You Wear Something of His

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"I'm gonna go run a few errands." you said, coming up behind Harry and giving him a kiss on the cheek. He turned around in the computer chair and grinned when he saw you. "You're wearing my beanie." he said, a grin still plastered on his face. "Is that a problem?" You asked. He shook his head. "No, it looks good on you. You look cute." he said, standing up from his chair. He came over to you and attacked your face with kisses. You giggled and shoved him away. "I'll be back in a little bit." you chuckled, and walked out of his office.


You came into the kitchen with only one of Niall's hoodies on over your bra and underwear. You went over to the cabinet and began searching for your favorite cereal. You were standing on your tip-toes because you were too short to reach the top cabinet flat-footed. You felt around and when you didn't feel it, figured it was pushed to the way back of the cabinet. You sighed in defeat and got down off of your tip-toes. You were about to turn around when your cereal was placed on the counter in front of you. You turned around to see Niall standing there with a sly grin on his face. You raised an eyebrow at him and he wrapped his arms around your waist. "My hoodie looks nice on you." He smirked. You wrapped your arms around his neck and looked up into his eyes. "Sorry, I can take it off. I was just cold and it was the first thing-" you rambled, but Niall cut you off with a kiss. "Leave it on." he said against your lips.


You and Louis were goofing off in the living room, throwing pillows at eachother. You threw one and it hit his head. "It's on." he said. You ran and tried to stop him but he tackled you to the ground. You tried to use the coffee table to pry yourself up, but instead, knocked your cup of apple juice off. It got all over your shirt and you shrieked because it was so cold. Louis burst into a fit of laughter and let you up. "Oh, shut it Tomlinson." you scoffed and went upstairs to change. You slid on one of his t-shirts and went back downstairs. Louis looked at you and grinned like an idiot seeing you in one of his shirts.


You were sitting at your laptop, typing away with a look of determination on your face. Your essay was due tomorrow, and you were just going through and proof-reading it, correcting any error you happen to see along the way. You felt a hand on your shoulder and looked up to see Liam grinning down at you. He broke your gaze and looked to the computer screen, seeing your essay on finance lighting up the screen. "Is that my bracelet?" he asked with a hint of amusement in his tone. You absentmindedly glanced down to your wrist which was still clicking away at the keyboard to see one of Liam's knitted bracelets on your wrist. "Sorry, I must have mistaken it for one of mine." Liam grinned and shook his head at your stressed look as you turned your main focus back to your essay.


You and Zayn had just stumbled inside his apartment after a couple hours of playing out in the snow. You were both covered in feathery snowflakes and icy clumps of snow. You quickly stripped yourself of your jacket, hat, and gloves, leaving you only in your t-shirt and leggings and quickly stomped up the stairs, leaving Zayn still at the bottom stripping himself of his top coat. He chuckled at your eagerness to get warm as he watched you rush upstairs. You entered Zayn's room and shut the door, immediately looking for some clothes of Zayn's to change into. Your sweater was still dry, but your pants were soaked with melted ice. You grabbed a random pair of sweats from his dresser and stripped your leggings off of your legs. You slid on his warm pants and pulled the strings as tight as they could go. You stepped out of his room to let him go change, and he smiled widely at the sight of you wearing his pants.

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