Chapter 28 - Doesn't make sense anymore.

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* Maria's POV *

Last night, Ashley called me crying about something. Something I didn't quite understand?

Something about wrists. But, she kept going in and out, and I didn't catch hardly any of it.

Wait... wrists?

No. Not again. She wouldn't, not again? Not now? Now while she's with Niall Horan! RIGHT?

She didn't cut herself did she.

Suddenly my phone vibrates.

From: Ashleyy!😃

Can you come over? We didn't get to talk much last night.

I quickly replied with a yes & grabbed my car keys.

When I arrived, Ashley was in the kitchen, doing dishes.

"Hunny?" I broke the silence, making her jump.

She turned around, and smiled, but being her best friend I knew it was fake.

"What's wrong?" I asked. Worry filling myself.

She lifted her sweatshirt sleeve up, to show new cuts over the scars.

These were deep, and still bleeding.

"Are these new, like 1 hour ago, new?" I ask.

She nods.

"Why?" I ask.

She waits for about 5 minutes until she answers.

"I'm a lesbian." She says.

* I wanted to end it this way. *

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