Chapter 12: A Lonely Battle

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Chapter 12: A Lonely Battle

Violea was screaming and hitting Ali in the face with a manga (Violea's favourite books).

Then Clara was making it worse by shouting "PULL! PULL!"

Violea's hair began to be pulled back with such a force it look like her hair would fall off. Then Clara started kicking Sally until she landed on the other side of the room. Sally groaned and jumped to her feet. She stomped over to Clara and smacked her in the face.

"IN YOUR FACE!" she screeched.

And Sally went flying back across the room.

"Wind magic," agreed Violea and Ali

"You should NEVER EVER make Clara angry when she's using magic or other types of forces. You'll regret it," Sally thought, but it didn't stop her from hitting Clara again.

Kate's face was completely blank.

"I've got to do something," she thought.

Without even thinking she walked up to them and said ''Stop." As that is how their friendship started she thought it might register but it didn't.They all slowly turned around

''Look, it's Misses Know it all!" Sally replied. "Go away and read your ENCYCLOPAEDIA!"

"No, I'm going to help you. So sit down and shut you mouth."

"You know what Kate that's all you ever do talk, talk, talk and order us around. I'm not listening anymore. So bug off." Violea shouted.

"Yeah, what she said," Ali replied.

"Fly!" yelled Clara and Kate was lifted up into the air and thrown to the other side of the room.

Then they all went back to well, whatever they were doing. Kate then walked up to Violea grabbed her by ear and pulled her away from the group.

"I've had enough!" she yelled, "you either stop this minute or regret ever stepping foot into this room."

Everyone froze.

Then Sally, Clara and Ali looked at each other and then back at Kate.

"This is first time we've EVER seen Kate angry." mumbled Ali.

"Yeah." agreed Clara.

After a few moment they all went back insane screaming at each other and hitting... Violea was struggling to free herself from Kate's hold but it didn't seem to work.

"I said enough!" screamed Kate, "as you can see this room is full of books. Don't all of you love books?"

They all nodded childishly.

"Well then, if you don't calm down right now. I'll... I'll burn all these books." she replied angrily.

All of them stared at her with utter shock and but most of all they were horrified.

"You wouldn't dare." Voilea said from underneath Kate.

"But Kate it's books you love books too," Sally reminded her "Don't you. You wouldn't do that to us and yourself would you?"

"Yes, yes, your right what was I thinking." Kate mumbled "Yes that you are all INSANE. So you have a choice come to your senses and be the friends I know you are or resist me and watch you precious books burn to ashes?"

"I don't think she can do it," Clara said in a mockingly way.

"Blah, blah, Blah." Voilea replied "be quiet and leave us alone."

"You asked for it." Kate said with a wide grin on her face.

She raised her wand. Two flicks to the right and WHOOSH. A gust of wind flew threw the room.

"That's all you can do?" Ali said.

All the books started lighting up one by one.

"Kate, what are you doing that's Skulduggery pleasant!" Sally yelled.

"Manga!" cried Clara.

"Harry Potter." sobbed Ali.

"Well, what do you have to say Violea?" Kate asked with an even bigger grin on her face.

"Goo goo gah gah," she replied.

They all burst out laughing.


Violea grabbed her throat nothing come out apart from goo goo and gah gah.

By this time the rest of them were on the floor, including Kate, rolling around laughing. Tears rushing down their faces. As they did so the books went out and returned to their normal states.

"That.. Was the best thing... ever!" said Ali between laughs.

"It was priceless," laughed Sally.

"I'm never ever going to let her forget it," replied Clara.

"You know," said Kate, "I think that was the best idea I ever had."

Then they all burst out laughing again. Pointing at Violea and then laughing even more. Violea said "Goo goo gah gah, haha!" Which just set them off again. What she was meaning to say was "yeah yeah, very funny."

"Hold on," Sally said.

They all turned to her.

"We're not at each other's throats anymore."

"Correct Sally," Clarette replied. "What I wanted to teach you was that laughter cures anything and everything. It's the best medicine you can ever have."

They nodded their agreement.

"It can defeat even the most powerful of wizards,"

"Goo goo, gah gah,"replied Violea.

Translation: Can I talk normally again?

"Yes, yes you can," and with the wave of her hand Violea was talking normally again.

"You were talking like a baby," laughed Clara.

"Yeah, don't remind me," Violea replied.

"I'm never ever going to let you forget it."

"Don't be to sure about that."

"Cut it out, guys." Sally said.

"Good luck on your journey," replied Clarette "I'll show you the way out."

"Please, please no more holes," Violea mumbled.

"I agree," Ali muttered.

Part of the book shelves slid back revealing a silver door.

"Thank you," said Sally.

"Next time," replied Kate "I won't trust the host,"

They then walked through the door.

Clarette turned. A shadow cast over the room.

"I did as you ordered," she replied and the shadow slipped away.

She then slowly faded away. A tear rolled down her face. It hit the ground just after she had disappeared.

Clarette new all was lost.


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