Howdy to you

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(Okay, before I start writing, I just want you to know that its cooler if you read this chapter in Applejack's accent. Just saying because its Peppercorn's chapter.)

Peppercorn's P.O.V

I trotted home, excited to tell my mom about the first day of school, and all the ponies I'd met. "Mom!" I scream as I run through the front door. "Yeah?" My mom calls. From her voices distance, and from the smell of apple fritters, I can tell she's in the kitchen.

"The first day of school was amazing! I met so many fillies!" I say, running to the kitchen. "Oh, yeah. Twilight called and said that y'all met at an assembly. Said somethin' about you meetin' the other six." My mom said.

"Yeah, I met them. Bubblegum, Twist, Twinkle, Thunder boom, Daisy, and Radiance." I say, disgusted at the last name. "You met Radiance, huh? I TOLD you she was a force to be reckoned with." My mom says.

"She is SO annoyin'! 'Would it KILL anypony to wash the floor? My hooves are getting positively MUDDY'." I say, mimmicking Radiance. Me and my mom burst into peals of laughter.

"And the twins! They were hoppin' just like Pinkie pie!" I say. "Okay. Now I have one question." My mom says. "Yeah?" I ask. My mom looks like she's trying not to laugh. "Did TWINKLE read a speech today?" She says, laughing. I laugh too. "Yeah, but I didn't hear much 'o' it! I fell asleep!" I say, laughing hysterically.

After we cool down, my mom gives me a fritter, and I sit down as she makes some apple cider.

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