This can't be right, I can't marry him! We are two different people, we come from two different worlds. We are two different race, this can't be happening.

That's the thing being in an arranged marriage you have no say so, you obey what your parents want and do it. Being 23 years old and living on my own I still obeyed my parents every word. I agreed to be married of to the richest man in the world. My name is Elena and this is my story.

Chapter 1

"Ok ladies that is enough for today. Practice will start after New Years Day, have a great break ladies" My dance instructor Kim said

I walked over to my bag and grab my bottle of water and took a sip from it.

"Bye Elena, have a great winter break" one of the dancers said

I smiled back and waved at her as she walked out the door. I put my shoes on and grab my bag. As I walked out the door my phone started to ring I looked at the caller ID and realized my mom was calling so I answered my phone.

"Hello mom" I said into the phone

"Hi honey how was practice today?" my mom asked

"It was good I'm actual heading home now to get ready to head up there"

"Good your room will be ready, and oh.. we will be having guest too. And we have some news to tell you when you get here, so bring some since clothes dear" my mom said

"Ok mom, I'll see you in a few love you"

"Ok honey love you too" she said

I ended the phone and threw it in my passenger seat and started my car and started to drive home.

Oh where's my manners! My name is Elena Robinson I'm 23 years old and I live in New York City. I was born November 7,1990 in New Haven, Connecticut. I'm a only child I don't have a problem with that I like it, My parents are pretty rich and well known. My dad is the CEO of a law firm in New York and my mom is the owner of a Jeweler store in New York she caters to every famous people and rich people . I guess you can say I was brought up in a good living environment, I lived in a mansion my whole life and I got everything I wanted. If I wanted a BMW I got it, if I wanted a 14k neck less is got it, you name it I got it. I'm not bragging I'm very grateful for those things but at times it got too much for me. I wanted to do things on my own, in high school I decided I didn't want my parents help on getting into a good dance school I wanted to do it on my own without there help. So I did really good through high school and got a scholarship to the best dance school in New York. So I moved out after graduation, got my own apartment here nothing to big, a two bedroom apartment with a beautiful view of the city. I loved my apartment because I got it on my own without my parents help, I even got my own car without their help I got myself an Audi R8 and I paid for it. I love my parents dearly and I'm very happy of the childhood they gave me but I wanted to do things on my own without their help. I never really had friends in high school, I kept to myself you would think being a rich girl you would be popular and have a lot of friends, but I didn't. I never had a boyfriend either, never had my first kiss, hell I'm still a virgin at the age of 23. I never really felt comfortable around men, I was always nervous and I shut down. So I came to term I was never going to be in a relationship and I kept my word and I never got close to a man before.

I pulled up to my apartment and turned my car off an got out, and walked to my building. I walked inside and took the elevator up to my floor and walked to my apartment. As soon as I took my key out I heard my cat meow (my parents never let me have pets so once I moved I got one. He's a munchkin cat he's so cute and short, his name is Nero) I opened my door and felt Nero rub against my leg.

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