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Harry groaned, finally waking up from his coma. He tried to look around but everything... Was black.

Harry tried to stand but his ankles were tied to a chair, so were his wrists. His hips were roped up too... He couldn't move an inch

"Hello?!" Harry called out "Is anyone there? I'm tied up!"

Harry heard a movement in the blackness surrounding him, unable to pinpoint where it had come from... He froze.

"H-hello?" Harry stuttered

Harry felt something touch his face. It ghosted his lips... They were fingers

"Where am I?" Harry whispered in a calming state "can you help me get out of here?"

Harry didn't get a response. Instead, he got a kiss on the earlobe... That made him shudder

"You're not going to help me out... Are you?" Harry came to realisation

"Of course not!" A violent hiss echoed through the black

Harry gulped, opening his lips to protest... But a pair of lips crushed to his.

Harry didn't know who this person was but these lips were soft, soft like fairyfloss. They changed shape as Harry and the stranger exchanged angless.

He couldn't help it, he let out a soft moan... Only to have his mouth pried open by the stranger's lips. The flavour of spearmint and tobacco tingled inside Harry's mouth.

The stranger bit Harry's bottom lip before leaving him with tenting boxers. Harry was still in the dark. Only this time... He was alone

"Hello?!" Harry called out "is anyone there? I'm tied up!"

... To be continued

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