Perrie, Zayn, Liam and Harry walk inside, they take seats in the living room and flip through netflix to find something interesting to watch. Dani and I make popcorn and pour them into bowls for everyone to eat.

"What do you guys wanna order for takeout?" I ask as we join them in the living room, everyone shrugs their shoulders. "Pizza?" 

"Yeah that sounds good" Liam says as he takes a seat next to Danielle. "Maybe pepperoni and sausage?" He grins and she blushes.

"Oh I'm vegetarian" I say quietly, "but I'll order you guys some meat pizza's and I'll just order my own."

They all look at me oddly, except Dani and Perrie, this wasn't new information at all. Harry turns to look at me and opens his mouth.

"Why are you a vegetarian?" Harry rudely asks, "that's stupid."

I roll my eyes and ignore him, listening to everyones suggestions on what kind of pizza's they want. I walk back into the kitchen and call the pizza place, ordering a three meat pizza, one three cheese and a mediterranean.

When I get back in the living room they still haven't decided what to watch, I didn't really have a clue myself. The girls didn't want to watch something scary and the guys didn't want to watch a "chick flick" so we settled in the comedy section, deciding to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Black Pearl, it was funny and had action. A win win situation for everyone.

The bell rings and the pizza man is here, I walk over to the door and take my card out to pay.

"I got it" Harry replies as he quickly hands him a large sum of cash, he grabs the pizzas and slams the door on the poor guy.

"That was rude" I snap as we walk inside the kitchen, setting the pizza's down on the counter. He shrugs his shoulder and ignores me.

Everyone joins us in the kitchen, grabbing slices and pouring sodas into cups to drink. After we finish eating we go back into the living room, continuing the movie.

My phone buzzes and I walk into the kitchen to answer, it was Tyler.

"Hello!" I chime as I jump onto the island, "I missed you."

"Hey babe" I could tell he was smiling and exhausted from practice by the sound of his voice, "I missed you too, what're you up to?" He asks.

"Just watching a movie with some friends, you know Dani and Perrie" I say quietly, "how's your day going?" 

Mine was an unnormal day, I was used to going to school, having lunch with Tyler, going home to study and Tyler coming to my house for dinner and sometimes him sleeping over. 

He mumbles something to himself and then sighs. Was something wrong?

"Practice was a bitch, coach was having my ass for slacking during summer" he says quietly, "I've got to get better or I'll get cut from the team."

I gasp and thought about how long he's been a part of the team, coach couldn't have done that and he wouldn't.

"He's just saying that so you'll work harder, maybe you shouldn't have left this summer" I tease, "maybe we could have-"

"Could have what?" Harry interrupts loudly as he enters the kitchen, grabbing himself another soda from the fridge.

I point for him to leave but instead he leans against the island next to me.

"What?" Tyler says, "Lily whose with you?" He asks for the third time.


"No one" I lie, pointing for Harry to leave.

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