Chapter 6

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               Jess's P.O.V.

After hours of thinking how stupid i was to even trust drew in the first place, and how i didn't know after all of these years how harry felt about me, i thought that i needed to call harry and tell him what drew did. ring....ring...ring....ring......

"hey jess" i can see basically see him smiled on the other line and it instantly makes me smile too


"so what's up?"

"um...well i went to drews house, and...well we got into an argument and he... um he hit me."

"What?! when?"

"just like two hours ago"

"i'll be at your house in a second"

"okay, bye"

About two minutes later i heard constant knocks at the door, so i go downstairs and open the door to see a clearly worried harry, and he wraps his arms around me and says he was sorry that he wasn't there when drew hit me, and we just stood there for awhile, him hugging me and calming me down. And then he said "where does he live?" i told him and he said "okay, I'll be right back okay?"  "no, you don't need to go"   "babe, I'm just going to talk to him, i'll be okay."  i nodded knowing that he was so stubborn and he would go whether i said to or not.... and he gave me a kiss on the forehead and i said "please don't get hurt"  he said " i won't"  then he gave me a kiss on the forehead and left.........

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