Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:


"Here is one direction..." 

And the screaming horror began... 

Harry came out first "hello everyone" 

Then Liam and Zayn "we are very excited to be here today!" 

Then Niall "we would like to dedicate this to bel" ohhh.......I like is accent I wonde-bel as've got to be kidding me there is no way the only person who calls me that is. Louis. 

Finally the person I've dreaded to see for the past three years "Bel I miss you and I'm really sorry" Maybe I can forgive him?

{Bethany's POV}

I was the happiest person because I finally got to see my brother. No one knows how much I miss him. He calls and texts me all the time but I never answer. He probably thinks I'm so mad I won't talk to him but to tell the truth it's because I don't want to seem weak.

Then they start singing and I don't only feel one pair of eyes on me but two, and when I look up I see that Niall the one with a cute accent looking at me. Then I see Louis and he looks as sad as a lad could possibly be.

-after concert thingy-

"I can't believe you actually made it through the whole concert" Liz screamed

"I know m- "excuse me ladies could you come with me for a minute" interrupted to principal

We followed her to her office she asked me to wait inside and for Liz to come with her

*right after concert*

{Louis POV}

I asked the principal to find Bethany and bring her to the office Ni is with me and he going to talk to her then I will try to apologize to her and I really hope this works.

{Niall's POV}

Lou thinks I'm doing this for him. I am about 45% I know he is my best mate but I just want to get to know Bethany better. I know I've never even met her before but I feel like I know everything about her.

{Bethany's POV}

I walked into the office completely confused. That's when I saw the cute blond haired one sitting on the desk...what's his name again? Oh i got it Niall! He turned around and saw me.

"Oh, sorry I didn't see you there! Well love my name is Niall but you can call me whatever you want." he has such a cute accent! I think he is Irish but his accent is British too. He is so hot I just stared at him not really listening to what he was saying.

I realized I had been staring for quite to long when he snapped his fingers in front of my face.

"Oh I'm so sorry my name is Bethany but you can call me Beth." I said while blushing furiously.

"Well Beth I'd like to get to know you!"

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Yessssssss!!!

"Don't freak out to much love!" Did I just say that out loud...

"Not exactly.." what is going on?

"I have this special power that lets me read stunning girls minds but its only worked now." OH EMM GEEE! Did he just say that....ugh stupid brain he can hear me!!!!

"Yes I did just say that and yes. Yes I can hear what you say love."

"Well we could go out for coffee to get to know each other better...if that's ok with you. Just to let you know I'm obsessed with Starbucks(a/n that is actually so true)." Be calm he might say no. Don't get you're hopes up Bethany. All the guys except for Derrick always....never mind he can hear me.

"Well Beth I'd love to go! Let me just tell the lads I'm heading out and we will be on our way."



Is it a date? I wonder if he likes me too? Did I just say that...

{Niall's POV}

Bethany just asked me out.


We are going on a date. 

Is it a date? I wonder if she likes me too? Did I just say that...

I forgot...I have to tell Louis.

I'm dead. 

{Bethany’s POV}

I cant like Niall, can I? I mean I have a boyfriend..


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