Chapter 1

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{Bethany's POV} 

Well I am Bethany Elouise Tomlinson. I am 18 years old and live in Doncaster. I know what your thinking Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson from One Direction's sister! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. It's so annoying I can't stand it anymore. I'm so glad I'm almost done with school it is terrible. The only time someone talks to me was when they were asking for one direction tickets, or if I would tell my brother about them. If they could meet one direction. They have no idea I haven't even talked to my brother for three years.


I can't believe it. My brother actually tried out for the x-factor. And he got through. I am so proud of him!

|few months later| 

And in third place direction. A few minutes later I got a call from Louis. I expected him to be disappointed but he was nowhere near that. "BEL I CAN'T BELIEVE IT WE GOT A RECORD DEAL!" he was screaming through the phone. "I'm so..proud of you Lou you guys were great congrats!" I said sadly. This couldn't be happening my brother. My best friend. The only person I could really talk to was probably never coming home again. "Bel I don't think I can do it." "Why Lou??" "Bel I already left you for over a year I don't think I can stand missing out on my little sisters lives." As much as I want him back I can't. I would be ruining his life. And not just his those other boys too. I can't do that. Can I? No. I can't. "Louis I love you and of course we all miss you so much but we can't take your career away from you this might be the chance of a lifetime. Not just for you but for those boys too. And you aren't coming back you are going to take the record deal and be the biggest band in the world. I love you Lou but you have to do this for yourself." Why did I say it. Why. Why. Why??? "Fine Bel if that's what you want for me to NOT come back that's what will happen. Have a nice life Bel." he was so angry. What have I done? "Lou wait I.." click he hung up.

~flashback over~

I feel like an idiot now he hasn't talked to me since. He calls dad, mom, and the girls everyday but nope. Not me. Anyway I'm sick of people asking me about him cause I never know what to say. I mean he is my brother do I tell them I haven't talked to him in three years? That just sound ridiculous! Well today is the last day and I couldn't any hap- "All graduating students please report to the gym immediately" well way to ruin my happiness. The people in hall were whispering to each other probably trying to guess why we were taken out of class this usually never happens so I guess it was understandable. On my way in I saw my best friend Elizabeth she wasn't someone who talked to me just because of my brother and I loved her for it. She had just moved here from the states a few weeks after me and Louis fought and she had no idea who one direction was and I loved her for it. We became friends immediately. Soon enough she became very fond of a certain boy band and to be honest she has a little thing for a certain cheeky curly haired member of the band. She spotted me and came running over. "Ok Bethany don't freak out but I've heard a lot of people saying that the reason we were called in direction is here......." she started to ramble of towards the end. Liz is the only one who really knows what happened between me and Louis besides my family. "Liz you've got to be kidding me. There is no way I'm going in there." I couldn't see him. Not after three years. He abandoned me. "But Bethany I love them pleaseeeeeee for me? Just a few songs? He might not even see you." she begged. I finally just have in there is no winning with Liz. "Fine whatever"

{Louis' POV} 

I can't believe we are doing this. The lads thought it would be a good idea to go to our old schools and perform concerts for them. They had no idea my school is also Bel's school. Three years. It's been three years. I miss my little sister. It's my fault I pretty much got mad at her for nothing. She wanted me to have a career but instead I gave up on her. I feel really bad I wish I should go back and change it. Today I am going to fix it. No matter what. I asked the lads to dedicate the whole entire concert to Bel. They have no idea she is my sister. It's just too hard to tell anyone that I haven't talked to my sister in three years. It makes me sound terrible. "Lou is Bel your sister?" Niall asked me when no one else is around. "How'd you know Ni?" I was so confused.. "Lou you do realize we share a room and you talk in your sleep.." I'm such an idiot! "Um Ni what exactly do I say in my sleep...?"


{Niall's POV} 

Louis told me everything about Bethany from what he said she sounded amazing. He even showed me a few pictures of her. I know this shouldn't be happening so soon but I think I might fancy Bethany a bit. I don't even know her. Anyway he says he wants to make this concert special for her and he wants to apologize. I think he will do the right thing.

{Bethany's POV} 

"Here is one direction..." 

And the screaming horror began... 

Harry came out first "hello everyone" 

Then Liam and Zayn "we are very excited to be here today!" 

Then Niall "we would like to dedicate this to bel" ohhh.......I like is accent I wonde-bel as in Bethany Elouise Tomlinson you've got to be kidding me there is no way the only person who calls me that is. Louis. 

Finally the person I've dreaded to see for the past three years "Bel I miss you and I'm really sorry" Maybe I can forgive him?


So that was the first chapter please give me feedback idea's anything. Next one will be up soon.

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