It's been 3 days since Lucy, Eric, and I's lunch. After Lucy gave me the date and other details about where the talk show was located, time seemed to be flying by!

I'm able to miss work today, I had finished all my work and was basically just spending the day reviewing everything for a 2nd time. If I had been assigned more work I would've stayed and missed the show but luckily there wasn't anything else that required my presence.

I didn't put much thought into my outfit. I wore jeans and black converse, my naturally straight hair was let down reaching my hips. I wore a white t-shirt with a leather jacket over it. I look it the mirror and i can't help but laugh. In this outfit you wouldn't be able to tell I work for one of London's most visited museums. Oh well, I like this style. It's more me, no matter how many slacks I own.

It's now 11 ó clock . The show doesn't start till 2 but Lucy told me to come in early so I could be here for Toms' arrival. I'm allowed to stay for the whole show as long as I don't get in the way of anything.

This is too exciting!

After exploring the set a little bit I enter a small dressing room. The mirror is just like those in the movies with light all around it. There's a black chair with a pink bag resting on it. I see Lucy's hair products and make-up scattered over the dresser. The hair dryer is laying on the table but the end of the cord is still in the bag. I laugh at the thought if Lucy being so nervous for this job. She has done this since we graduated college but has rarely done work on someone as big as Tom Hiddleston!

I take a seat on the couch placed directly across the dresser. Next to the couch is a small rack with some clothes. It's just one talk show so I understand why there isn't much to chose from. I notice a black vest and a white, button up long sleeve is at the front end of the rack. Probably Lucys' favorite outift. I'm 110% sure she'll make him wear it.

An image of Lucy and Tom arguing over what he should wear appears in my head and I can't help but chuckle.

It's 12:30, Tom should be here any minute!

Lucy walks in and smiles at me she takes a deep breath and starts arranging her supplies. There is no hiding how nervous she is.

This is it. Soon I will be face to face with Tom Hiddleston....

A/N: Sorry so short but will post chapter 3 in a couple of minutes.... Next chapter is Tom's POV!

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