Nikki Bella

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"I'm not afraid of anything, not a Boss, not a Queen....And I'm sure as hell not afraid of some princess from staten Island!"

Youu goo girl! Goo Nikki ..

You definitely proved, you have a heart for this business. 

Amazing promo ..

Haters who believe that Nikk is a bi**h and only in this business because of John Cena. 

You can drink one cold water to brighten your brain ! 

In all these almost 10 years ,she has enough proven to love this business and be ready for anything. 

She has good mic skills and aslo she is one of the best women wrestlers now.

Answer me one question:

All divas who are left wwe saying that this is their dream but in the end when they have a   money they go away..

Where are they now? AJ Lee...Kaitlyn..Paige...

Constantly repeating: they are those who have a passion for business and never leave it.


Where are they?

You say AJ Lee..  Paige  have a passion for business, but one Nikki Bella is a fake and bi**h and blah..blah.

BUT in the end .. Nikki Bella has more money than all together.. and not left.!


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When you hate someone,

You should well think of who you respect and who admiration..

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