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Shinoshi Yagi by Animebigfan1234
Shinoshi Yagiby Tekken and Anime (JJBA)
What if all might has a son and nobody knew about it except all might, Easerhead, Present Mic, Midnight, Sir Nighteye, Gran Torino, His Childhood Friend, Endeavor, Princ...
MLP TRUTH or DARE!!!! by supergirlyanime
MLP TRUTH or DARE!!!!by @mystque_purple
hi guys! I hope you would like to send me some comments you can ask me MLP truth OR DARE so please enjoy it! ARE YOU A BRONY SISTER? THEN READ THIS BOOK YOU CAN COMMEN...
Konan X Fem!Reader by YourMumGae101
Konan X Fem!Readerby 🌌Oh, Shoot🌌
In the story, Y/N will be on a mission to kill or capture the Akatsuki. Things take a turn for the worst and your squad ends up with a terrible fate; death. After leavin...
Great friends  by Its_time_make_time
Great friends by Its_time_make_time
Hey lol so um just read the description <3 Kids with messed of life's Solana Kennedy Cornez and Myleigh Now ya'll might like sex story's / j But y'know this is actua...
WWE Would You Rather by ScarletsBixch
WWE Would You Ratherby Kaleigh
A WWE would you rather book don't hate, it's my first book
Do you really love me? Brollins!! by kira_biraa
Do you really love me? Brollins!!by kira_biraa
After Seth was blackmailed he was caught with another girl..... becky thinks he cheated and breaks up with him but little does she know he was blackmailed. What happens...
Hello, Goodbyee 💛 by liyae12
Hello, Goodbyee 💛by 💐KimJa💐
Hello To Our New Days💛 And Goodbye To Our Darkess Days
WWE and NXT Imagines by makaylakozlowski06
WWE and NXT Imaginesby The Club
Just a few short imagines/one shots for WWE and NXT fans. I also can do preferences if you want me to. Just ask me to.
Cyberbully by BrittanyMason4
Cyberbullyby Brittany Mason
The internet is forever what you post never leaves that's Seths situation he's being bullied online and he can't figure out by who he's slowly losing himself can anyone...
The Promise of a New Day by Adealt
The Promise of a New Dayby ARNEL R. LETADA
Chelsea tried to close her heart in love after all the sufferings it had gone through. She did not ever let anyone enter her life again thinking that she will just be...
a thing with feathers by Flightywords
a thing with feathersby 𝚋𝚒𝚕 𝚐𝚊𝚛𝚌𝚒𝚊
poems and prose ©bil garcia/ flightywords
Rants and Opinions by finnsus
Rants and Opinionsby teresa
Can't take a joke? Not my problem #452 in random ayeee - highest ranking
HER lifE stories by tahsuwrites
HER lifE storiesby sameena tahseen
some hidden feelings buried in her heart..every day she deals with new challenges and pen them has her life stories some has good endings and some bad at the end she nev...
Thuderstorms awaiting a new day by denisha_cherice
Thuderstorms awaiting a new dayby denisha_cherice
Those locked up feeling of mixed emotions. They cause pain and dark moments of rage.Yet in the end you know that there is a new day ahead, and somehow hope that it will...
Rise and Fall by Pen_On_Canvas
Rise and Fallby Pen_On_Canvas
poetry collection
Open Arms (ON HOLD) by DipDyedPrincess
Open Arms (ON HOLD)by Skyler Prescott
Moving to a new town in a new state is hard for every teenager. But according to 18 year old Shaylee Dawson, it's like hell. Not only moving into a new town is hard but...
LIES by _deekshha_
LIESby deeksha jain
Rhea Fernandez, a 20-year-old girl in senior year of her college is living her mundane life but things change when she gets a job and now has everything which she could...
Once Upon A Summer by ellaburaga15
Once Upon A Summerby Mikaella Buraga
After Tony's girlfriend had passed away, will he able to find love again?
WWE Highschool by laur3nnnnn
WWE Highschoolby lauren
Love, sex, drama, drugs, lies. The words that you will surely hear in high school. Read more! Also, ignore weirdly sized pic, I was having trouble resizing it.