Big butt??? Oh noooo!!!

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Recap- he gave her a shot an she fell limp, her eyes drowsily closed into a deep restless sleep, while Jason began his own work what it is we shall all know soon.


"Jason!your making a mistake!!! You dip-shit your doing something you'll regret!!! Open the door!" I yelled while banging the door. Iv been here for like 20mins and it is getting HOT in here!

"NO I made a mistake when I let Orlando have Lea (summer) and now he will pay the price!" someone was in need of anger management cough cough mom! She is who he got it from!

"quick questions are you gona que an evil laugh or a weird echo... Ohhh I know maybe a explain your plan so I can stop you like they do on phines an ferb where that stupid guy in a lab coat like spills his scheme in front of that duck thing?!" WHAT?! I was ten and had nothing better to doo on Saturdays.

"you are the dumbest vamp ever to walk on this planet! Scratch that the dumbest creature!

"aww that's nice but you miss calculated there's me and then. There's Y.O.U.!!!!!!" that must of pushed him alittle

"you know what you little brat I'll tell you my plan cuz you ain't ever gettin yo ass oughta there! Imma take Lea and change the way she looks, smells, an imm even planin on changing her species."

" Shell be far from Orlando she'll be a human and instead of her violet eyes she will have brown, keep her wings absorbed in her back always there yet out of sight, and finally her memory will be erased and she will be given a spell that will last a while but I don't know how long."

Before i could get a few words in he started yapping again. Sigh

I wonder if the guy in the lab coat had trouble changing his clothes. Jason certainly does!

"the problem is that in the human world in she comes face to face with a vampire or any mythical creature it will trigger her senesce a d the spell will fade but most of her memory will be gone and she won't know how to use her power...better get started..." I was in the moment of 'did that really just happen?! Oh shit it did fuck I'm screwed!!!" yea heve you ever had any of those moments? They suck!

I leaned my back against the door and slid down to the floor, with my head in my hands I thought to my self... Why can't I have the life of a fish? Yes it was quite sad that I was destained to be a vampire that has a psychopathic wolf bro that is trying to steal his beat buddies girl!

Ugh a fish can simply swim along the ocean and and and OH shit what if I cought as a fish and was put in one of those things that hold water but we don't know how cuz I can't see the walls!!!! Shit I would keep running into those invisible wall thingys that it has!

"Joel? JOEL?!?" I heard Orlando yell.

"HAY can you here me?!?!"

"I DON'T WANT TO BE A FISH!!!!!!!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs!

"what?! I don't care! Your so weak! You couldn't break a stupid DOOR?!? Ugh! Your a disgrace to vampires!!! You could have yelled or something to let someone know!!" he was really angry, I mean he was red and that's wearied science he's not supposed to have blood in him he's a vampire! Haha he looked funny I would have told him if he wasn't like umm... One...two...three....

Two minutes later ...

Four... Five................104 dam! Hehe he's a angry old man! Oh and he's like umm three inches taller that me too.