edited-chapter 8

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A/n P=past and f= future ex : p-naruto means past naruto

I also changed them from teenagers to 12-year-olds .

Author p.o.v

As all the children and sensais were gathered for some reason they didn't know in a room they never seen before.

As lady tsunade walked in naruto was the first one to spea-i mean yell."OLD HAG WHY ARE am i HERE I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF EATING MY 3RD BOWL OF RAMEN."

"not my fault . " tsunade replied . Suddenly a bright portal came through and a tall male with black hair slicked down came out of it .

Also known as f-sasuke . " found you ." he lifted up slowly while a older sakura came out and in the process stepped on sasuke head . "woah what's going on ." kiba said confused .

" oh snap." F-sasuke winced and closed his eye that he used to create a portal . " time for a long ride , again ." sasuke portal opened up again catching everyone by surprise and sucked everyone up . and when I say everyone I mean everyone .

Somewhere in the future , in the stadium where the exams were taken .

"w-w-where am I. " a young hinata woke up . only to see an f-sasuke . "e-e-excuse me w-who are y-you . " hinata panicked . "hn ." was all he said and got up motioning hinata to come . which she did to see a 12 year old sakura in a hospital bed too .

" s-sakura-s-san ." hinata said even more Pa nick and shook her making p-sakura shoot up . " hm.... Where in the hell.... Hinata w-what happened . all I remember is a man who resembled sasuke-ku-" sakura looked up to see f-sasuke AMD started to blush .

" seems your awake , c'mon follow me the truth is going to be revealed . " he said in a montone voice making the girls stand close to each other just in case someone attacks they got each other backs . the both notice this place was familiar .

They jumped over buildings and made it to the stadium just in time to hear a young naruto cheering . making them run to the group .

" look at that sasuke I am better than you ." the p-naruto said to the p-sasuke as he glared at the hokage monument . " there is no way...
" p-sasuke said .

"Everyone sit down , were having more company . " f-sasuke said loudly making everyone yell and surprise and hurry to sit Down . the past kids still dont know who he is . " who are we to be following you. " p-naruto pointed as p-sasuke 'hn' and stood next to him . suddenly , the dust picked up .

" ... Were the future " the voice said and the dust lowered to show ocean blue eyes . " ya' did it sasuke "f-naruto bro-fisted sasuke . " sasuke?! " everyone said . " oh yeah , I forgot . I'm the future sasuke uchiha . " he said with his sharigan on .

" sensei you ruined the guessing game we were playing . we were telling the who our parents were . " boruto blabbered . as f-naruto ran to him squeezing the day light out of him.

" naruto I messed up by bringing everyone here . " f-sasuke said as he looked to the side and see the akatsuki .

"Holy , shit naruto thats you , THATS YOUTHFUL!!!" P- Lee said . " woah , I look so cool .... The hair cut isn't that bad " p-naruto glammered "yes it is ." kiba laughed and so did some others .

. " so are we going to ignore the akatsuki . " sasuke said . " no -" f-naruto was cut off.

Suddenly , a galaxy bubble popped and a teenaged girl popped out. she had and curly afro , light-skinned , skinny , and has brown eyes . " I am not supposed to be here ." she grumbled and walked to the akatsuki tying them up quickly . not with ordinary rope tho . "oh no .... how about when all the adults and everyone else come we get the party started . "

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