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Taken From the Past || Scorbus by _queen_artemis
Taken From the Past || Scorbusby Mary
||Contains SCORBUS boyxboy|| -This story has nothing to do with the plot from the cursed child. I wrote this before that was published.- UNDER REVISION Lily Luna was a t...
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BORUTO TIME TRAVEL(very slow updates) by AnimeHobi
boruto and the gang had touch a scroll(it was boruto anyways)that sent them back into the past when they woke up they was in the time where there parents was teenagers.I...
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Time Turner Issues by white-wolf-reader
Time Turner Issuesby white-wolf-reader
What happens when the Future Generations of Potter, Weasley, Malfoy and Longbottoms brake an experimental Time Turner designed to travel back in years not hours. Find ou...
Now and Always (StingYu fanfiction) by fightmeonFTbro
Now and Always (StingYu fanfiction)by fightmeonFTbro
Yukino leaves Sabertooth without a word, only letters to give to her comrades. Nine years later, she's back and with two little children who look a little too much like...
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Pokemon: NEXT GENERATION by villiers7
Pokemon: NEXT GENERATIONby villiers7
It would be a sequel to my first book. In it Ash and Serena are married and have two kids, a daughter name Sarah and a son named scott. also gary and dawn have two kid...
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All Harry Potter Pics by dramoinehead
All Harry Potter Picsby Valar Morghulis
Just a few Harry potter pics which I found mind blowing!!!
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They're Back - harry potter fanfic on hold by MaricelManansala4
They're Back - harry potter fanfic...by Maricel Manansala
All of the dead heroes come back to life and it comes as a surprise for those who survived. Its been only 5 years since the war, how will they take it? ( On Hold )
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Haikyuu Future Generation: Love Story by Oikawa_Tetsuro
Haikyuu Future Generation: Love St...by Oikawa_Tetsuro
Oikawa_Tetsuro is typing..... Haikyuu!!: Future Generation Love Story. Hearing faint talking in the background, a small crow was perched on a fence, unaware by the creat...
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#AmINext by thediaryofablackgirl
#AmINextby Yonwaba Sonandzi
Statics show that Every 3 hours a woman is killed in South Africa. Approximately 137 woman die everyday at the hands of their partners. Is this the society we want our c...
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The Snake the Lion and the Eagle  by EmeryTaylor1
The Snake the Lion and the Eagle by Emery Taylor
Hogwarts descendants
JUST FOR POEM LOVERS by abdulhakam2
JUST FOR POEM LOVERSby abdul hakam
Some of the poems to make some curiosity, awareness,etc. You may take some of them as a joke or as an advice to your life. Enjoy and vote👍✌......
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Hogwarts 2017 by Epatt16012002
Hogwarts 2017by Epatt16012002
What will happen in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the Battle of Hogwarts? Will it be safe, or will a new enemy arise? The Golden Trio's children are a...
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We See It Differently by culturemix
We See It Differentlyby culturemix
As kids we are sometimes constantly laughed at, mocked, shot down, and many other things. They tell us we are crazy for what we think. To just let the grown-ups handle i...
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Our Generation by Galaxylover16
Our Generationby Constellation Leo
This story is a collaboration between two friends featuring a crossover in Fairy Tail, Bleach, and Black Butler. A future generation of powerful mages, soul reapers, and...
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The Colours of Hogwarts by Maggie_Bisone
The Colours of Hogwartsby Maggie_Bisone
Ron and Hermione's daughter, Rose, is sorted into Ravenclaw. She inherited her mother`s intelligence, and is one of the best students at Hogwarts. She`s also a major pra...
Lost: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction by PotterKids1404
Lost: A Harry Potter Fan Fictionby Kyla and Cleo here!
The war is over and Harry Potter has settled down with Ginny. They have 3 wonderful kids, James, Albus, and Lily. Only they have a secret. There are two other Potters. T...
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Full Circle  by DeloresEvans4
Full Circle by Delores Evans
It you did not read A Conversation and Future Generation don't read!!! Just when you thought it was safe to come back into the water Candy is back. This time with a veng...
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Shadowhunters OneShots by ErinMolineaux2
Shadowhunters OneShotsby Erin Molineaux
I tend to write a lot of Shadowhunters OneShots. I figured I needed to have a separate book.
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Tara Was Her Name (The Story of Candy) by DeloresEvans4
Tara Was Her Name (The Story of Ca...by Delores Evans
Tara had a rough beginning. Her mother was a drug addict and she had multiple children. Although Tara fights to be different then her mother they have quite a lot in com...