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Alrighty, let's just get this over with, since no one really likes rules... But, we have to have them.


1. Fill out a form and wait until I accept you to roleplay. DO THIS ON THE FORMS PAGE! (You must do this. I don't want to be tagged because if I need a reference then I have to go searching.)

2. No smut/lemon. Timeskip it. I worked hard on this setup and I'm not getting it taken down. Plus I don't do smut anyway.

3. Give the characters time and don't force the relationship without probable cause. Yes, 'this is a romance roleplay, but these things don't happen automatically unless the character is already labeled as 'your boyfriend' or 'your girlfriend.' Also, I don't do yuri, and I will only occasionally do yoai. Occasionally.

4. No godmoding. I control my characters you control yours.

5. No Mary Sues or Gary Sues. Everyone has flaws.

6. Be detailed. There will be no one-liners accepted. You'll need at least 4 sentences for me to reply. And try to be grammatically correct, I hate it when someone has a long reply but it is all one run on sentence that doesn't flow well. And honestly...adding detail isn't that hard...

7. Species is not limited, but if the requirements on a character say you have to be human, then you have to be human!

8. Only curse if you censor it. Example: Shît, dâmn, âss, etc.. And please don't do it in every sentence.

9. Keep it interesting. I might not reply if I'm bored with it.

10. You can have as many OC's as you like, but keep up with them. I don't want you to be using one character in a certain roleplay but put the name of a different one, it confuses me.

11. Characters will be unlimited because keeping count is far too time consuming. You're welcome. However, if I get tired of playing a character then I will close it temporarily.

12. Don't use stars. I hate stars. Example: *He growls and roughly grabs her arm* // don't do that!! Also, put your reply in one whole message, not a few smaller ones.

13. Roleplay in third person! Not first!
Ex.: John collected himself and let her go, dropping her wrists and taking a deep calming breath whilst stepping back and fixing his shirt as a way to distract his hands from going into tight fists. ⬅️✅
Not that hard. Also, don't do this- John: Collects himself and let's go of her wrists while breathing deeply and stepping back. Her fixes his shirt to distract his hands. ⬅️❌

14. Do not spam me. You can tag me once after 15 minutes in case I didn't get the notification. After that, wait an hour. If I still don't answer, try again a few hours later. Now, unless my Wattpad is extremely screwed up, or I'm not on, if I still don't reply after that it most likely means I am either not happy with the reply (i.e.: needs to be longer, needs to be more interesting, etc..) or because I'm just bored with the roleplay. If you think this is the case, ask me. I'm an honest person even if it makes me seem brutal sometimes.

15. You can roleplay with as many characters as you want. However, I would prefer it if you didn't take every single character that 'is made. You can, but I ask you not to do that.

16. Be respectful! Be respectful towards me, especially since you came here to roleplay. If you give me grief or blatantly insult me, I will ban you from the book. These rules are here for a reason and I won't tolerate getting snapped at for asking that you follow them.

17. Read the requirements on a character! I can't tell you how irritating it is to have to constantly point out a problem in 'the very first comment of a roleplay because it isn't following the requirements.

18. Don't only roleplay with the guys, please. I like being the girl too, so for every 2 or maybe even 3 guys that you roleplay with, also choose 1 girl. This rule will take place when more characters are added to the book.

19. Follow the rules!! This is the 'key to success in this book–if you follow the rules! If you break any of these rules more than 3 times, you're out. You'll be banned from the book. I'm using the 3 strikes your out rule for this one. But, I'll be nice about it. Each time you break a rule, I'll warn you before actually counting it as you breaking it. If you continue with the same thing, it will be counted.

20. Put the password in your form. Each word in the password will have an apostrophe (') before it. Example: 'Darling

Thanks for reading! Have fun!~

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