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David Nolan was lonely.
In fact lonely was an understatement.
He was missing a piece in his life.
And according to Archie, it was a child shaped piece. Well definitely a person shaped piece. He had no one.
So, after much consideration, David phoned up a foster agency.
After a few months, they were dropping off a little girl called Emma Swan.

David was pacing around his living room. She was due any moment and he was so nervous. What if he messed up? Or if he didn't know what to do? Or she didn't like him?
The door bell rang.
Taking a long shaky breath in and out, he walked to the door, opening it, and let a tall, thin, strict looking lady through, followed by a minute girl.
She had shoulder length light blonde hair, and blueish green eyes. Her head was hung, hands hanging down by her sides.
"Hello Mr. Nolan. This is Emma." The lady announced.
David crouched down. "Hey there. I'm David. It's great to meet you."
She looked into his eyes scared. "Hello." She whispered.
The lady pushed Emma forwards. "Come along Emma. We've not got all day. Right, if you sign here, here and here, then I'll go and check the rooms. Then she's all yours."
"Right. Great." David said with a smile.
They sat on the sofas, Emma and her social worker opposite David. David signed forms, and the social worker left the two of them alone to talk while she checked out the rooms.
"So what sort of stuff do you like Emma?" David asked cheerily.
"Errrm... I like drawing. And pizza and dogs."
"I chose the right thing for tea then." David said triumphantly. Emma smiled back politely.

"Okay everything looks good. I'll see you in two months." The social worker said, smiling.
"That's it?"
"That's it. Be good Emma." She said, and walked out.
"Are they all your bags?" David asked confused, looking at the plastic carrier bag and pink rucksack at her feet.
"Yeah. I don't have many things."
"Oh well. Just means I'll have to spoil you a lot more."
Emma hung her head embarrassed.
"Come on," he said smiling and stood up, "I'll show you your new room."
Emma followed David up the stairs and into a room with Emma spelled out on the door in bright colours. He opened the door and Emma gasped. "It's beautiful." She said smiling.
"It's all yours. Your social worker said your favourite colour is light blue, so I did the walls that colour."
"I love it." She smiled.
The walls were light blue, with a white carpet and a blue rug next to a white wooden bed and matching white wood wardrobe and drawers. The duvet and pillows were white with multicoloured spots on it, and a brown teddy bear with a red bow around its neck. The curtains were green with flowers on them, and there was three white shelves on the walls, empty so far.
"Thank you." She said and gave him a quick hug.
"It's okay." He laughed. "How about we unpack?"
Emma smiled shyly and nodded excitedly. Once David had hung up her few clothes in her new white wardrobe, there was only a wash bag with a toothbrush, sponge and a flannel in it, a book of fairy tales, and a soft white knitted blanket with Emma embroided on it in purple.
"It's the only thing I have from my real life mummy and daddy." Emma said sadly holding it close to her.
"It's beautiful." David smiled softly.
"Do you know why they left me?"
"I don't know kid. They just wanted to give you your best chance."
"Who were they?"
"I don't know. I'm sorry."
"Maybe they were a prince and a princess."
"Maybe." He said with a chuckle. "Now, how about that pizza?"

That night after tea they watched a film and ate popcorn. She changed into a cute pair of cotton pyjamas covered in red, green and white checks.
As they got into her room, into the bed she adored, she suddenly became scared.
"David. David I'm scared."
"Why honey? What's wrong?"
"I don't like the dark. Or being alone. It scares me."
"It's okay. I'll stay with you."
She looked at him, still scared. "I've got a candle. I'll light it for you, one moment."
Emma looked at him scared. "You can come with me. It's okay."
She got out of bed and put her hand in his.
They got the candle and lit it.
"Okay come on. Here's your blanket, now shut you eyes and go to sleep." He soothed, putting her duvet over her and passing her the blanket. She snuggled into the blanket, half hiding her face, but keeping her eyes on David.
"Close your eyes." He whispered. She did. "Now go to sleep. You're safe, I promise."
She nodded and fell asleep in minutes.

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