part three: bullied but noticed

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  I pulled into the school driveway and for a bit, i just sat there in the car wondering.....wondering how bad today was gonna be.....wondering how bad it's gonna hurt....wondering who the kids from the other school are gonna be like. My school and another one had decided to join together and create one big school and today was the day that they would come to our campus. GOD HELP ME!

  After my thought process, I got out of my car and kept my head down as I started to walk to the school entrance, into the school, and to my locker. I started to put my things all back in.Until, my best and may I say the only friend, Jake had come up to me with a big smile on his face and with two people that I didn't like following behind him. Of Course yay (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOTE SARCASM)

One tall dirty blonde boy was at Jake's side, holding Jake by the waist (yup my best friends is gay get over it and yourself ) His name was Tyler, Jake's boyfriend and behind them was the last thing i needed. A giant group of people. From the other school. And from this school. And who were all up in my grill (sassy ass snap). Knowing Jake this wasn't going to end well......for me of course.Now Jake never means to purposely do harm just doesn't work that way for him. Jake was hit on by so many people i mean he isn't that bad looking. He was a tall, slim, dirty blond (who was more on the blond side) with a pale look full of freckles on his face somewhat full. Sometimes i giggle to myself just thinking about how pale he is i mean he's so pale that you can always see the red on his face its kind of funny. 

But anyway, back to the topic on hand, the thing was that not only did Jake's boyfriend disapprove of me, his boyfriend's best friend was also with them in front of the crowd and to say he despised me was putting it lightly.. very lightly.

"You know sooner or later you're going to get raped by one of your oh so raging fans." I lift one brow up at Jake who despite his grades, is oh so oblivious to everything around him. But, jake just lightly punches my shoulder and rolls his eyes.

"Okay first, they aren't fans I'm just showing them around, haven't you heard I'm the new  welcoming committee..." Jake curls his lip in distaste and I lightly chuckle at my dork of a friend, " and second, if you haven't noticed I already  have a dick that fucks me enough as it is.." Jake gestures to Tyler as I laugh and roll my eyes at him implying our inside joke which I shall explain later on. Jakes laughs and puts his hands on his hips in a sassy pose, " and last but not least, my dear you are my only true fan and don't you ever forget that." 

Ladies and Gents this here is why I love this dork so much. I hug him and smile, "thanks hoe" he winks at me and replies, " of course bitch anytime" we laugh and I get my books and walk to class as jake walks off, yelling at the group following him, instructing them on where all the classrooms are. But, of course, my happiness can't last long, can it...

My smile fades as I hear a vicious laugh erupted from behind me... great a demon has invaded my friend's life and is now leading me to my doom. Soon enough i get shoved into a locker and pinned there, unable to move, "You know the rules princess, it's time for our hour of fun"

My eyes screw shut as Tyler's best friend, Tommy, grabs me by the hair and bangs my head against the locker. A small whimper escapes my lip as pain spreads through my skull, Tommy's breath caresses my face as he laughs silently and slowly moves closer to my lip. I stiffen and tighten my eyes until it hurts and i see color with the darkness. This is my daily life... and i have no power against it... and no one would ever come to my rescue...

Or so i thought. A deep voice boom behind Tommy, I keep my eyes shut, thinking that it was just another jock yell at his one night stand, " HEY!"

 Until, the pressure of Tommy's grip holding my head disappeared and his breath had vanished. Still to frightened i kept my eyes shut until the same deep voice spoke but in a more gentle and soft tone, "hey are you alright?"

Who would have known that one meeting would have turned my life upside down, but the true question was, was it for the better or worse?


Hello sorry, i haven't been updating in a long long time, I umm kind of forgot this account even existed until i was looking for a certain book but i promise i shall try to keep updating and hopefully it'll work out cause this is my first book hope you enjoy ^^

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