past: in flames

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   I was only nine when it happened, I never thought it could get any worse after that. You see I had a lot of siblings and we all loved each other, we lived as if nothing bad had ever happened to us or as if we had no weakness or flaws. But we did, just like anyone else. We dint care just as long as everyone was happy, safe, and healthy. We were always adopted separately until, someone had wanted all of us together. My older siblings had suspected something but we didn't care cause we thought we would finally be together as a complete family. I remember that day clearly it was the last day I had smiled, laughed, socialized or even looked at others. It was also the last time I saw my family or was complete.

   At the first night of my new home everyone had to sleep in separate rooms and since it was such a long trip to get to the new house and unpack we fell asleep soundly and deeply. I thought to Myself how nothing could ruin that day.

   Until, I woke up to the smell of burning, to my sight I could see black smoldering smoke, I rushed to my door ripping it open to see the bright light of red, wild flames and the worst of all the sound of my siblings screaming in fear and some in pain. No one yelled for help they only yelled for the others to escape. Hearing their screams of pain and fear paralysed me and I could do nothing but fall to the floor with tears streaming down my face i looked around without moving my head as much as I could but, before I could finally clear what was going on, my closest brother came rushing into my room covered in burns and blood, picked me up and huddled with me near the window farthest from the door. Trying to figure out what to do to save me, he hugged me tight and i cried into his shirt, he was only twelve at the time but he was tall, strong, selfless, and worst of all would do things with out thinking it entirely through.

   He picked me up, opened the window and whispered something g to me,"te queremos y siempre estaremos con usted", at that moment my eyes widened with tears all I could say over and over is, "what do you mean, what are you doing" , he gave me my favorite jacket that had belonged to a boy in the foster system who was my friend then he warped me in one of his blankets, hugged me tight, and kissed my forehead next thing i know he tossed me out the window ,which was on the second floor, into a bush outside.

   As I fell I was bawling and yelling his name out as loud as I could.

Then all of a sudden, the second floor where we all were, had a burst all the windows outwards and was engulfed in flames.

I couldn't believe what I had seen, the I noticed that part of a support beam from one of the rooms was falling right towards me and next thing I know everything went black.

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