Chapter 56: The Council Meeting Part I

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Song of the chapter is "The Boys Are Back In Town" by Thin Lizzy.


Ethan did not come back to me that night, or the next night, or the next night, or the next night.

We heard his howls. We heard his howls and we endured. We endured when he would whine under my window throughout the night, keeping watch over us, over his mate. We endured because running to him now would not do him any good. Ethan needed tough love, the kind of love that Levi would happily give you and until he pulled his head out of his ass that is all we could offer.

After my brawl with Levi, I felt more like myself. I felt more like myself and everyone started to notice. I think one day Andrea actually told me that I was being more 'pig-headed' than usual, which I took as a compliment.

I took it as a compliment then used that fire in my veins to tie with Billy. The day I did, Evan had to pay Jake fifty bucks that he lost, which Jake obviously gave me a cut of. Billy also had me doing more two on one, or three on one training since the attack. At first it was rough. I had my ass in the dirt more times then I liked, but eventually I got better.

Much better.

Like today when I laughed at Evan as he spit dirt out of his mouth next to Ryder.

But today was a day that felt like Christmas. Today was the day that Levi was coming for the Alpha Council meeting that kicked off tonight. My wolf was giddy. Levi, Lander, Claire, Liam, and Remi would all be coming and we couldn't help but feel like it was Christmas at Lander's house again.

It helped mask the pain that we felt from the pull, from the lack of Ethan in our lives. God, I missed him. I missed him but I knew this was good for him, this was something he had to do on his own.

Evangeline and I had fixed up a cabin next to mine that was empty for them. We were going to put Levi in my spare bedroom then stick the rest of them in the other cabin. Remi and Liam would have to share a room, but I guess it could be worse.

Miranda was in a frenzy all week. Besides training hard with Billy and Evangeline, who loved hearing all about my spar with Ethan, I spent more of my time trying to kiss Miranda's ass as Levi suggested.

Which was like trying to swallow bleach and shards of glass that were dipped in acid.

I think a part of my soul died every time we complimented her, but it worked. At first, she was insanely skeptical of me, but after enough ass kissing, she seemed to let the whole 'rogue' just blow over. Vanity could be blinding to those who let it. But not Thomas. Thomas kept a watchful eye on me, an eye that I could feel; an eye that I wanted to rip out, he was lucky that Levi and I didn't run back down here that night.

The only bad thing was that Andrea had left. Her aunt was due to have a pup any day now, well twins, and Andrea promised her that she would be there to help for a few days. I was happy for her, I really was, but both Evangeline and I would have felt better if she would had stayed with us.

At least we have the vamps.

The vamps that had each of my outfits planned out for each day of this damn council meeting, and they had a lovey dress picked out for Evangeline to wear at the party. I don't think I've seen Elliot so excited since Christmas. While Evangeline and I got sick of playing 'Barbie,' we did enjoy all the lovely clothes that Evie had shipped over.

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