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"Knock me out, knock me out. Saying that I want more, this is what I live for."

               - Hold Me Down, Hasley

"Come on! Wake up!" I hear voices and a sharp pain on my cheek forces me to open my eyes.

"What the hell...." I mutter. I take in my surroundings and moan in pain from my throbbing head. I'm sitting upright but I can't move due to the restrains on my arms and legs.

I look up only to met with the back of someone's hand. "We don't have all day sweetheart." The man says annoyed.

"Just kill me already." I moan.

He bends down and puts his hand underneath my head. "Can't do that, love. My names Grayson, I'm your new buddy." I clench my jaw and and jerk my head away from his hand.

"What's your name?" He asks me.

"You kidnap me and you don't even know my name?" I ask stupidly.

"I do know your name, Alexandra. What's your full name?"

"Go to hell-"

He doesn't bother to let me finish and sends his fist right in my chest, knocking every bit of air out of me.

"What's your name?" He asks more forcefully.

"Alexandra... Jean... Rogers..." I wheeze out, fearing he might hit me again.

He brings a metal mask into view and attaches it to my face, completely ignoring my struggles. He forces a mouth guard through my lips and I hear a hum of electricity. My body convulses as electricity shoots through it - zapping my brain. I understand why he put the mouth guard in now, to stop me from biting through my tongue.

It's stops but my body's still shaking, my heart is beating so fast I think it might jump out of my chest.

"What's your name?" He asks again.

"Alex." I breathe.

"Not anymore." He whispers before turning the machine back on. I scream in pain and pull against the restraints but nothing seems to make them budge, after a few moments he turns it off and laughs.

"What's the matter sweetheart?" Grayson smiles devilishly down at me.

A tear slides down my cheek and I want nothing more than to wipe it away.

"Is this about your little soldier boy? What was his name.... Bucky." He grins. "He's dead because of you, just like your pathetic little brother, Steve."

I clench my jaw trying to do my best to ignore him and look at my knees.

"You could've saved him, but you abandoned him instead-"

"Shut up!" I finally snap. My head whips up only to be forced back down by his fist. I gasp in pain and blood drips from my mouth to the floor.

"What's your name!" He yells in my face.

"Alex!" I scream back. 

His hand slams down on the button and another round of electricity comes pounding on the door to my head. I scream so loud I think I'll lose my voice. This time he doesn't shut the machine off and I continue to scream until I see spots followed by complete darkness.  

AN: These chapters are just gonna keep getting darker and darker, and I'm gonna keep including sad music.

BTW the pic included is Grayson

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