Chapter 41: Tequila Wisdom

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I ran quickly home before Ethan could catch me. Derek and Elliot tried to calm me down, but I still felt like my heart was twisting. Damn pull. It wasn't fair. It was hurting my wolf, hurting me, and for that, I started to resent the damn thing.

I took a long shower then proceeded to have another movie marathon with my vampires. Elliot wanted to watch all the 'Indiana Jones' movies so he could gawk at Harrison Ford.

They made snacks and helped cheer my spirits up. Derek kept reassuring me that Ethan would figure it out, but something in my belly was still at unease about the whole thing. Derek said it was the pull. He reassured me that it's normal; when he and Elliot argue he said it can sometimes feel like he's getting stabbed depending on how heated it gets.

Soon a knock on the door disrupted my almost nap as the evening sun poured through the living room window. Andrea walked in with a knowing smile and immediately walked to me and rubbed her cheek against mine before pulling me into a firm hug. "He's a dick, but he's your dick. He'll come around."

I smiled and nodded as she pulled away. "Margaritas?" I smiled some more and nodded again. We started to walk out when she turned to look over her shoulder at the vampires that were having some kind of silent conversation, probably linking. "You two want to join?"

"Nope," Elliot said chipperly as he broke his gaze from Derek's to ours. "It's date night."

I laughed  with Andrea as Derek's cheeks started to heat up. "Alright, just make sure you take the lovefest out of here."

"Just because you're not getting any, does not mean you can rain on our parade!" Elliot yelled out as we walked away from the house.

I groaned while Andrea practically died in laughter. We continued to walk as the evening sun was quickly fading. We turned and started walking towards her cabin, which surprised me a. "We're at your place?"

"Mhmm, Evangeline said, and I quote, 'I don't want that belly up bastard of a brother of mine to ruin our night.'"

I felt my chest shake hard with laughter as we approached her cabin. "Well, she's not far off."

"Yes, well, we were going to let you give us the details, but after a drink, or four." She smiled wickedly as we walked up the steps into her cabin.

It was much like ours, just a little bigger and with a second floor. It looked like there was only one bedroom on the first floor and a bathroom, but the living room was big as was the kitchen. They had a big rectangle farmhouse table next to the kitchen where Evangeline was dying of laughter as Evan mixed up the cocktails in a pitcher on the island centered in the kitchen.

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