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One cold night on Avenue Street, the place where the rich and famous of the city live. There was the sound of someone tapping on one of the French windows in the library. A man walked over and opened it, curious to see who was knocking on the window at such a time. A pair of pale blue eyes met his as the visitor stepped into his house. The next day the man's maid found him dead on the carpeted floor. There was blood everywhere.

The police were called. They claimed that he had been stabbed multiple times. Nothing seemed to have been touched in the house, no fingerprints nor clues. Everyone they had interrogated claimed that they had neither seen nor heard anything. The next day another man who was living in the same neighbourhood was also found murdered. He had been killed in the same way as the previous man and no clue to the murderer was found.

After that a third person also died in the same way. However this time the police found someone who claimed to have seen the murderer. It was an old lady. "I had been searching for the brush my granddaughter had hidden and just happened to glance out of the window," she explained, "I saw someone leaving the place. I couldn't see his face but I could make out that he was about 5 ft in height, slim and wore black clothing." Inspite of this witness, the police were still in a fix. How were they to search for the murderer from the vague description given by the old woman? They were starting to feel that this was a perfect murder and that there was no way they could catch the murderer. Still, they kept on investigating.


It was almost dawn. Cara was running home as fast as possible. She snuggled in her jacket as the night had been cold and the falling dew had made it cooler. Her face was serious but her eyes were bright. She had a small smile dancing on her lips. She was seeing her dream coming true. She got home and threw herself on her bed letting her mind wander about aimlessly. Now there were only two more to go. She smiled. She had worked for this day and night, for the past two years.

She had seen her brother being murdered by those five men. Being the only one to witness this, she realized that she would stand no chance in getting them convicted as they were very rich and would manage to close the case with bribes. She had worked hard in cafes and nightclubs to earn enough money to bribe a few people to gain the plans of the house. Thus she was able to overcome her primary obstacle of entering the house without being caught by the security personnel.

She had also bribed one or two of the house helps to keep telling her what was happening in the house. This solved another obstacle which was that she wouldn't have to waste time searching for the people she had come to kill and thus reduce her chances of getting caught. She knew where they were and at what time they would be where. Doing this helped her for she came to know that two of them were going to leave town and reside elsewhere. This would upset her plans. So she prepared herself and when time was right, all she had to do was to go in and kill them. She made sure that they all saw her to make them realize who was killing them and why. Now was the third obstacle which was to escape the police. "Well, that would be easy," she thought. She had already escaped thrice. Two more would be like a piece of cake. She fell asleep.

FIRST ENDING- She was awakened by the sound of somebody knocking her door. She got up to answer it. On seeing her visitors she took a step backwards in shock. It was the police. The bag in which she had kept the murder weapon i.e. the knife, had a hole in it. Thus a few drops of blood had fallen from it onto the ground from time to time. In her over- confidence and haste Cara had failed to notice this. This trail of blood had led the police to her house. She was arrested and the Court gave her a ten-year sentence.

SECOND ENDING- The next two days went according to plan and she was able to avenge her brother's death. She then left town with all the money she had managed to save, only never to return back.


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