Nii-san! Uncle! Save Me!

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You would think that being chased by my team would be an exercise for training.


I am on the run.

That's right.








How did this happen? Well let me give you the short version.

Turns out Duck Ass McGee was fed up with the fact that I wouldn't give myself to him. So he and Red Bitch Slut got together and did the baby making dance. Also Everyone thinks IM A WEAK ASS BITCH WHO FUCKING DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO FIGHT. IM THE BITCH WHO CAN EITHER SAVE OR END THEIR LIVES.

I did nothing wrong when I left.....

Well except destroy the Hospital, Hokage Tower, T.I. Building, Blew up the center square of the town, and Let all the criminals loose. But I swear I did nothing else.

So now here I am pinned to a tree with Sasuke raping my mouth.

"Come back Saku." He whispered. I just laughed and snapped my fingers "1" I began counting everyone and I mean ALL KONOHA 12 AND TEAM TAKA WITH SENSIES AND EVEN THE HOKAGE looked at me with an odd expression. "2" "Sakura what are you doing?" Kiba asked "3" "Slut answer the question" Karin said "4" "Sakura please come back" Shino pleaded. I smirked and snapped my fingers one last time. "5" I said. The ground errupted with a GIANT KING COBRA and a figure on top of it. I smirked and yelled "UNCLE HELP ME YOUR DUMB ASS APPRENTICE AND HIS FRIENDS ARE TRYING TO HURT ME!!!!!!" I cried. Everyone looked at me with disbelief. Suddenly the Uchiha was thrown to the side with a snake tail. "Who dares touch my little sister" A calm venomous voice said.

Guess what.

Leader of the Akatsuki. Pein. Is my NII-SAN.

and my uncle?


Thats right hoes don't fuck the princess. I ran and hugged my Nii-san. Pein put his arms around me while Orochimaru shook his head. "I am ashamed to have had you as my aprentice. You are a patheic piece of shit who can't even kill his own brother properly." Uncle said while shaking his head in shame. Everyone looked in disbelief.

1. Orochimaru is alive.

2. The Akatsuki is possibly alive.

3. Itachi IS ALIVE.

4. Im related to Orochimaru AND Pein of the Akatsuki.

Damn life is gooooood

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