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His palms sweat harder by the second. All he could hear was the fast and loud beating of his heart as he takes a small step after the other. He's at the backstage of the studio where she frequents as a host. He's surrounded by around thirty people, all of them frantic and excited. He wants to jump along with them but he feels nervous more than anything. He feels like he could lay an egg any time now. He closes his eyes and tries to steady his breathing when the people around him shriek and he feels himself get pushed from where his feet were planted. He never liked crowds but he figures that at times, he has to make sacrifices... pordalab.

"Umayos ka nga." someone says and walks past him to fight her way to the front of the crowd but he couldn't care less.

His eyes were glued to the girl who just emerged from one of the doors to what he guesses was the dressing room, causing a chaos to break out. She was clad in a white shirt, ripped jeans, and white sneakers, her hair up in a bun and he was thinking, how could she wear such simple clothes and look like she got straight out of a magazine shoot?

He looked at her from her thick brown hair, to her big doe eyes, tall nose, high cheek bones, and down to her red plump lips. To say her beauty left him speechless was an understatement. She looked like a living doll.

"RJ, you just gonna stand there or what?" Leysam, his friend, nudged him on the side to snap him from his reverie. Leysam had his phone in his right hand and a magazine with her on the cover in the other to have it signed.

"Right..." RJ breathlessly mumbled as the crowd slowly thin out, those who have already had their encounter with her being ushered out of the place as soon as possible. He clutched on to the gift he was holding in his right hand. He had waited for this moment to come and he wouldn't waste a single moment.

Her face becomes clearer as he steps closer towards her and he could see the circles under her eyes. She looked tired and kind of sick, he guesses from not having enough sleep, but damn was she still gorgeous.

"Maine..." he says after swallowing a lump down his throat.

She snaps her head up from the magazine she was signing and looks him straight in the eye. Those eyes. Those expressive eyes that could show so much emotion and melt anyone to liquid. He thinks his brain short-circuited for a second. She waits for him with raised brows and a faint smile. He blinks and gathers all the courage he needs to say at least one word to her.

This is it, he thought.

"Uhh.. Hi.."

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