Jace Harmond

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This is my first story so i hope you like it.

Hello, my name is Jace Harmond, i live with my uncle Mason cosgrove. Sure as hell my uncle was the best thing that ever happend to me after my focs died in a freak fire in our old apartment in New York. I never new my pearents i was only a few weeks old when they died, after that uncle mason looked after me. We live in a small city outside of Lewisiana its called good o'l Hollows place it may not be much but its home.

I ran my fingers through my wet brown hair as i stepped out of the shower and rapped a white cotton towel around my waist.And i walked out of the bathroom and sliped into my own room. It was small but not to small with a bed a desk and awardrobe. The walls were painted brown and grey.
Only 2 more summesters in that hell hole. I thought to myself as i dried my body and hair. And retrieved black jeans and a grey tee-shirt from my wardrobe and put them on and then climbed down the stairs to the kitchen.

A strong smell of coffee and bacon and eggs hit my nose like a truck, "Look who decided to grace me with his presence this fine morning"
Said uncle mason i smiled and rolled my eyes. "I gotta get going but ill see you later uncle mason" he waved good bye while keeping his eyes on his paper.

What exciting things are waiting for me today. I thought sarcasticly little, did i know i was in for a bid suprise

Im sorry if those is and grammer or spelling mistakes im writing it on my phone so please forgive me comment if you like this first chapter and you want me to continue and if you have any suggestions thank you.

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