Chapter 10: Two Become One

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The song of the chapter is Take it Easy by The Eagles.


The smell of pancakes, bacon, and coffee woke me from what felt like my grave.

I was sore. Oh God, how I was sore.

There were four Advil's sitting on my nightstand with two huge glasses of water and a note that said 'Take these and don't ask questions.'


I chuckled even though my abdomen ached painfully with each laugh.

I took the medicine and drank all the water. My mouth felt so dry like I had drunk an entire desert.

Walking proved to be much more of a challenge. Every bone in my body felt like it had been to war. I had to hold onto the wall for support as I walked down the hall; the only reason I kept on was from the grumbling of my belly from the delectable food. Every step I took felt like one of the greatest hurdles I ever had to jump, awakening pains in muscles that I didn't even know existed.

My beast grumbled inside me. She was ravenous, as was I. We both felt like we hadn't eaten in ages.

The kitchen was bright this morning. The rays from the golden hour sun were streaming through the windows and casting a gentle light into the humble kitchen.

Derek was wearing a red 'kiss the cook' apron and singing to the tune of 'Take it Easy' by the Eagles while flipping bacon on the griddle. I took another labored step in the kitchen. Levi was deep in his morning paper with a cup of black coffee next to him.


Levi lowered his paper a bit and snapped his silver eyes to my form. He held my gaze a bit as if he was staring almost at a ghost, His eyes twinkles a bit before a small smile, the kind a proud father gives to his children, tugged at his lips.

Steps quickly approached me then arms were quickly around me. Derek had wrapped me up in a gentle yet firm hug which caused my wolf to smile in the back of my mind. She had grown close to the two men and felt protective of them, of the ones who had been more like a family to us than anything else we had known in so long.

"How do you feel?" he murmured into my hair.

"Like I just clawed myself out of the grave."

Derek chuckled then kissed my cheek. "Go sit, I'll bring you some breakfast."

I nodded and slowly padded my way over to Levi. He was watching me curiously. My legs burned as I sat, shaking and yearning for relief. I suppressed a hiss, which made Levi smirk a bit.

As soon as I sat, Derek had placed a coffee cup next to me; mixed with cream and sugar, as I liked it. I thanked him quickly then took a long sip of the hot liquid. It warmed my core and seemed like it was reviving my soul.

"Have some orange juice, the vitamin C will be good for you," Levi said while pouring me a large glass.

I nodded and drank heartily before looking back up at him with a grateful smile. "Thank you."

"So, how do you feel?"

"Sore, everything hurts, but good."

Levi breathed out a laugh. "Well good, you did sleep for four damn days. Had to chop all my own damn firewood–"

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