The Legend of the Gobblewonker

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As I walked down the stairs of the shack I heard Dipper and Mabel talking. "Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?" I rubbed my eyes standing in the kitchen doorway watching the twins. "I'm always ready." Dipper said holding up syrup in the air. "Then you know what this means!" Mabel said doing the same thing but with a different brand of syrup. "SYRUP RACE!" They yelled in unison tipping the bottles and holding their mouths open. "Go Sir syrup!" Mabel yelled. "Go, Mountie man!" Dipper said. "Go go!" They both said in unison again. "Almost...almost." She looked at her brother before hitting her bottle. "YES I WIN!" She yelled causing me to laugh as she coughed. "You two are gross." I said sitting down and twirling my necklace around my finger.

"Morning Y/N." They greeted as I poured myself a bowl of cereal. "Morning." I grumbled back. "Ho ho, no way! Check this out!" Dipper said holding up a newspaper. "Human sized hamster balls? I'M HUMAN SIZED!" Mabel said excitedly. I giggled. "No I think he means the monster photo contest." I said before putting a spoonful of cereal in my mouth. "We see weirder stuff than that every day! We didn't get any photos of those gnomes, did we?" I shook my head. "Nope, just memories. And this beard hair!" Mabel said pulling out beard hair and holding it close to my face. I dropped my spoon. "Ew. I'm not hungry anymore." I put the bowl in the sink. "Why did you save that?" Dipper asked as I tried not to throw up. Mabel made a 'dunno' sound when Stan walked in. "Good morning, knucklehead. You three know what day it is?" I nodded knowing exactly what day it was. "Um..Happy anniversary?" Dipper questioned. "Mazel Tov!" Mabel yelled. Stan hit dipper on the head with his newspaper. "It's family fun day genius!" He walked over to the fridge and grabbed some milk. "We're cuttin' off work and having one of those, you know." He sniffed the milk. "Bonding type deals." I smiled. Me and Stan always did this, every year. 

"Grunkle Stan, is this gonna be anything like our last family bonding?" Dipper asked Stan while he poured himself a coffee. "The county jail was so cold." I laughed a little. "All right maybe I haven't been the best summer caretaker. But I swear, today we're gonna have some Real family fun. Now who wants to put on some blindfolds and get into my car!" "YAY!" They yelled in unison. "Wait what?!" Dipper asked before I blindfolded him. 

I helped them both into the back of the car. "Whoa whoa!" Dipper sighed as I strapped him in. "Relax Dipper it's just me." I whispered to him. "Blindfolds never lead to anything good." I looked down at my feet feeling the same. That was how my parents left me. Blindfolded in the middle of no where. "Wow! I feel like all my other senses are heightened. I can see with my fingers!" She touched Dippers face causing us to laugh. 

The car went over a series of bumps on the way. "Whoa Grunkle stan! Are you wearing a blindfold?" I laughed and so did Stan. "Ha ha. Nah, but with these cataracts I might as well be.  What is that, a woodpecker?" He asked before driving through a wooden guardrail causing the twins to scream. 

I stood the twins side by side before joining Stan at his. "Okay, Okay. Open 'em up!" He said to them as they took their blindfolds off. "Ta-Da! It's fishin' season!" Stan said smiling at them. "Fishing?" Mabel asked. "What're you playin' at, old man?" Dipper asked suspiciously. "You're gonna love it! The whole town's out here!" I said with a bright smile. "He brings me every year and every year it's fun!" I said looking at the other residents on the lake. "That's some quality family bonding!" He said to them. "Grunkle Stan, why do you wanna bond with us all of a sudden?" I frowned. "Come on, this is gonna be great!" I said nudging Stan.  "The guys from the lodge won't go with me: they don't 'like' or 'trust' me." Mabel leaned closer to Dipper. "I think he actually wants to fish with us." She whispered. "Hey, I know what'll cheer you sad sacks up." He hits me lightly and I put the hats on them with their names on. "Pow! Pines family fishing hats! That-that's hand stitching you know." I smiled and looked at them, just as I did the L from Mabel fell off her hat. "It's just gonna be you, me and those goofy hats on a boat for ten hours!" Stan yelled. "Ten hours?" Dipper questions. "I brought the joke book!" He said holding up the 1001 Yuk 'Em ups book I got him for christmas one year. "No! NO!" Dipper said.

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