Chapter 9~New People,New Fangs

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I'm sorry I haven't been updating quick after each chapter, I'm on vacation so I'll try my best to not have huge gaps :)

Sarah's POV
I woke up and it was already 6pm and Rudolph was gone. I went into Toni's room but he wasn't there so that meant dinner was downstairs. I went to the table with my makeup smudged from the floor "did you make out with a clown?" As dad said as a joke but it wasn't. Mom served me a plate with a little bit of everything. It was Chinese night so she made orange chicken,rice,broccoli and noodles. I actually want to eat tonight it smelt so good. "How was your first day for online school?" Asked mom, trying to interact with me for once. "It was fine, not that hard" as I looked down at my plate. Toni knew with one look he gave me that signaled " I know you love and miss Rudolph" i don't know if I have feelings for him or not. It's complicated enough with the situation. I gave him one of my frequent eye rolls and started eating again. "how was school today?" Asked dad to Toni "I'm still getting bullied a lot about vampires" said Toni "vampires belong in a movie and not in this house" said dad. Toni and I looked at each other as I gave a eyebrow raise "dad don't make him think there are vampires in this house" as I covered it up. When dinner was over Toni came in my room to discuss about Rudolph. "face it you like Rudolph" said Toni with a chuckle "listen I don't have feelings for him like that, he's a vampire! And if he was human I don't know about him. He's just the first guy to treat me with respect and friendly love" "okay but I can't wait for the wedding" as Toni starts laughing while walking out the door. He's in 6th grade he doesn't understand enough for that yet he's not mature enough. Probably at age 25 he still won't be mature enough. When I was sleeping I started hearing creeks from the floor so I woke up and saw Rudolph. "Rudolph what the hell are you doing here?" As I said with my waking up pissed face. "When I left I saw Toni's drawings he drew and I need to know where he saw one of them, could you walk me to his room?" So I angry sighed and walked into Toni's room. He was sleeping but I woke him up while Rudolph got the drawing "where have you seen this? It's very important" as he showed me and Toni. It was the amulet from our dreams "I'll tell you if you take us flying again" said Toni "no your not going out at 12am, I'll go I know it" "great let's head off" as he said with a smile. We went on Toni's balcony and Rudolph grabbed my hand as we flew into the night sky. "We'll talk about it when we get to my home" said Rudolph "why there?" "Because I want to spend time with you in this quietness" he flashed one of his adorable smiles I had to smile back, it's contagious I swear. As Rudolph and I went to his home, it was a cemetery.. He said it was underground cave which was pretty cool. "So how did you and Toni see the amulet" asked Rudolph like I got arrested and the police are asking questions "we both keep having the same dream and we saw a man holding the amulet so we didn't see it in real life, just in dreams. Does it mean something?" "I can't say, it's a secret" said Rudolph "who am I gonna tell? I have no friends, I basically stay inside all day and I would only tell Toni if I told someone" "alright.. It's the comet of atamon, it's apart of the lost souls, it fell down to earth. If we get the amulet it could be the end of this curse" said Rudolph "what curse?" "The curse of being a vampire, from that night to this, our wondering has never ended for the past 300 years" said Rudolph as if he were Shakespeare "I see, Toni and I will help you to track the amulet down" "yes, you will join our quest, we'll truly be together" said Rudolph with a big grin "together?" As I said started to giggle "oh I mean like family" said Rudolph but I knew he was lying. I heard these bat noises, we both looked up and I could tell it was his family "my parents are coming, go and hide!" I ran to a bush while his parents came down. "Mama,papa!" Said Rudolph "oh Rudolph thank stars your safe, we thought you got lost" said Freda "I was just taking the road less travel" said Rudolph. that was a cute line he said I wanted to laugh but I kept quiet. Another person landed on a broken pillar. "Anna!" Said Rudolph "brother,darling" said Anna "you've been sneaking off like some day walker" "I wish" said Rudolph "so father did you find the stone" "no, we still have 48 hours I will not fail you" said Fredrick " I heard someone behind me and it looked like one of his brothers, he showed my fangs at me so I ran out. "Gregory!" Said Freda. Rudolph came in "no Gregory she's my friend!" As Rudolph pushed back Gregory. "A MORTAL?" said Fredrick "hi I'm a friend of Rudolph's and my brother but he isn't here" his dad grabbed me by the neck (surprisingly softer than I thought) and lifting me up "you will never be anything to my son, a slave, dinner perhaps but you can never be friends with him" said Fredrick "FATHER LET HER GO SHE'S A FRAGILE BEING her and her brother dream about us, they like us" his father put me down and I started to rub my neck when it was tense. Rudolph went by me and kissed my neck "you feeling better?" Asked Rudolph. No one has ever said that to me in my life.. I can't believe it.. And he didn't bite me. "Yeah I'm okay, thanks" "you must leave" said Fredrick Rudolph hugged me from the back after he said that "LEAVE I SAY" as Fredrick showed his fangs to me so I started walking. Then a dude came with a gun, it was the same man who tried to run me over.. Bitch.. "Rockery! Get back!" Yelled Fredrick "GO TAKE THE FAMILY, DO AS I SAY" yelled Fredrick to Freda. I saw the cable that was hooked up to the gun "DO YOUR WORST" as Fredrick said while the guy supposedly named rockery was aiming at him, I pulled the cables and the gun didn't shoot rockery turned to me "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" As he looked back at Fredrick he was gone. He turned to me with a lit up cross like dude I actually pray and attend church now and then so.. "what kind of blood sucker are you?" As he said running towards me, I ran up this hill but there was a square hole I didn't see and I fell in it. Rudolph was in there "Sarah are you alright?" As he said so concerned but in a sweet way. As we looked up we saw rockery with a gun, we moved up quickly while it hit the floor with light, it wasn't a bullet. He hid in a corner because the light was too bright. After it was done his dad came to me "what you did was irresponsible" "but brave" as his mom butt in. I looked at his necklace and touched it then he grabbed my wrist but I saw an image. A man from my dreams was lying on rocks in a cave then this woman came on a horse, wrapped him in her cape thing with a Crest on it. She looked at the amulet, took it then the man woke up and showed his fangs. The vision ended. "We shared a vision" said Fredrick "she has a sympathy for our kind" said Freda "oh lovely" said Anna. Fredrick started explaining the vision while Rudolph was walking towards me. "We need to trace her crest and family history" said Fredrick "Me and my brother Toni can help" "it's too risky to involve mortals, especially 2" said Fredrick "what have we got to loose, we've been searching for 3 centuries" said Rudolph "THIS IS WHY WE DON'T CONTACT WITH MORTALS, DISRESPECT" "but Fredrick he does have a point" said Freda "fine, help if you can but don't think you can turn your back on our most hateful enemy. Got it?" Said Fredrick I nodded "I should take her home" said Rudolph. We climbed out of the square hole "I think my father likes you" said Rudolph "that was liking me?" "Well he does look like a monster" "he is one" "you don't know how vampires have to be so tormented" "yes I do, it use to happen everyday to me, I kept getting bullied physically and mentally. It happened everywhere I went, my phone was blowing up with things of people saying crap to me and I did things that were harming. That's why I do online schooling now and I don't do any of those things anymore but I still have bad anxiety about it. Toni gets bullied at school because of his obsession with vampires" "wow, that must be hard" said Rudolph with a frown "let's fly, and let it be calming, to clear your head" Rudolph grabbed my hand and we flew off. I'm glad I had a talk with Rudolph. We landed on my balcony "I'm glad we spent time together" said Rudolph "I'm glad too, I'll see you tomorrow, have a safe trip back". He hugged me after I said that then he headed off. I went in my room into my bed and Toni barged in "WHY DIDN'T YOU LET ME GO?!" "Because it was dangerous, calm down" "what did you do with him?" Asked Toni "I met his family then a hunter tried to kill them, tried to kill me then we flew here. He has a sister your age and an older brother, his sister seemed interested in you when I talked about you though" I shoved him out before he could say anything because I don't want to deal with anyone except my thoughts. I went back to my bed, thinking about tonight.

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