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The Little Vampire ~ Remake  by lizbizlove
The Little Vampire ~ Remake by ❤️Elisabeth❤️
This story is based on the 2000 movie "The Little Vampire" I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WATCHING THE MOVIE BEFORE YOU READ THIS!!! it's free on YouTube. I have some...
  • fantasy
  • lifechanging
  • vampires
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Adopted  by queengg14
Adopted by Gigi Brown
Will kyann be able to trust les twins after being adopted by them read to find out
  • badpast
  • adoption
  • newfamily
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Things Change by officially_blue
Things Changeby officially_blue
Its hard trying to deal with this with out her! What if she hated me, what if we will never become best-friends again!!! He still remained on my mind as soon as everyth...
  • love
  • newchanges
  • bestfriends
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Adopted By 5sos by TaraHemmingz19
Adopted By 5sosby TaraOCarroll❤️
Welcome to "Adopted by 5sos" Roisin is losing hope sitting in the orphanage each day. But one day she gets adopted by 5sos! That's where it gets crazy..
  • newchanges
  • 5sos
  • adopted
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How I Went On by SaraaFelicianoo
How I Went Onby Sara
You made my childhood better. You carried me while I struggled. My second mother, but my grandma. From January 1st 1998 to October 12th 2014 we watched each other live.
  • cancer
  • newchanges
  • impact
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I WOKE UP TODAY by ednaohemeng1
I WOKE UP TODAYby ednaohemeng1
  • nomore
  • restarting
  • gonow
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Life of a Blogger by xXDeadlyEmeraldXx
Life of a Bloggerby Rayne Victoria
If you ever wondered how it's like to be a blogger? Well, here is the answer! It's what I think about a Blogger's Life! Join me, (Rayne) As I Randomly Try to make a blog...
  • lol
  • newchanges
  • whatitslike
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New Girl in town by AngelaKrish13
New Girl in townby AngelaKrish13
After Mia's older brother gets cancer her world is turned upside down. Between being pulled out of school and moved to a new place it was hard to stay in touch with her...
  • newpeople
  • newchanges
  • cancer
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Twist by Cookie1Dough3
Twistby Sam-Sam
It's 3014 and no one is safe. Especially those who are nobody's in this life. Ray discovers something very vulnerable about her society and how it relates to her childho...
  • actionlittlebit
  • society
  • newchanges
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《Unknown Tale》 - (An Undertale-based story) by _Ruru-Chan_
《Unknown Tale》 - (An #Enjoy!
Undertale by Toby Fox Unknown Tale by Ruru Mysterious story filled with excitement, thrills, suspense, romance(?), or others! Seek out this story to know more of this my...
  • unknowntale
  • mine
  • undertale
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Returning to the past  by ChelseaMartinez075
Returning to the past by Chelsea Martinez
This is a story of a girl name Chelsea she's 24 years old.She's the greatest doctor in the world, she is known for finding cures to diseases. She never had time for love...
  • lovingmybff
  • rich
  • newchanges
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Quotes for Life by nanagahewawasam
Quotes for Lifeby Nanaga Hewawasam
I got this idea from a friend of mine while he and I was doing a quotes writing thing in class. all the quotes will not be mine, there will be ones from my friend and so...
  • age
  • newchanges
  • anger
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Warrior Cats The Wild Book 2 by AstridRoony123
Warrior Cats The Wild Book 2by Ella_KZ
It's been two years sense Lily has officially joined the Clan Cats.Now Lily is a warrior.Pumpkin is being elected deputy sense FirePaw resigned from duty.Now Lily must f...
  • storyline
  • cats
  • newchanges
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