my older brother

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Okay you guys, when I write this story I was young and stupid lmfao I'm older now and can write way better. Also I can actually make the story make sense haha. So if you  go to my profile you will find this same story but it's a rewrite. I have a lot on my plate but I will try and update it as much as I can. It will be this story just better lol  and there will be no fan fiction moments in the new one haha thanks m enjoy

Hey, my name is Bailey and I am thirteen years old. I have three  brothers, their  names are Brandon, Luke and Kyle. Brandon is seventeen, Luke is sixteen, and Kyle is fifteen. Some people think it's awesome to have older brothers that are popular and on the football team, track team and in wrestling. It's not fun at all, try running away from a dude that has broke records in track. My mother just told us that she is leaving for the whole summer on business, so she is leaving me home alone with dumb, dumber and dumbest over here. My mother got a new job that pays double of what she got before because she found it hard to keep up with the bills. Every since our fathers passing she has been stressing out over money. We almost lost our house last year, but they gave mother a chance to find a better job that paid more. 

"hey, who are you talking to?"

"Brandon get out!"

"fine jeez"

Sorry about that, anyway..

"oh oh, I want some more, oh oh, what are you waiting forrrrr"

"Luke! Stop singing and get out!"

"make me!"

*takes book, throws it at him and hit him on head*

"owww, your gonna pay for that!"

I am so sorry about that. Let me tell you a little about myself, I have long brown curly hair,about 5'2, brown eyes, tomboy, I play volleyball and Nikki is my best friend.  Luke is tall with dark hair and brown eyes, he's on the track team.  Brandon is tall with dark hair and blue eyes, he's captain of the foot ball team.  Kyle is tall with brown hair and greenish blue eyes, he's in wrestling. Well, I got to go, it was nice talking too yo...

 "It's mine!"

"No, it's mine!"



"Tell him that this is my CD!"

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