Chapter 2: Shotgun

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Chapter two! Woot!

Ok, so the song of the chapter is "Savages" by Mariana and The Diamonds.

Also pictured above is who I envisoned Levi as:)

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"She won't survive, you know that," a cold voice snarled out.

"I know but, well, if she's going to die anyway, then what harm could it do?"

I blinked my eyes open. Pain.

I sucked in a sharp breath as the pain from my leg shot up my body like a rocket. It took my breath away; a breath that I quickly tried to find so I could start to breathe through this terror.

My head rolled to the side. It was dim in the room, a small lamp providing the only source of light.

It looked like a cabin of some sort. Wood paneled walls decorated with different trinkets. A photo of some ducks, a wooden bass with gold hooks for hanging coats, and a sign that said 'The best meat is red meat.'

I tried not to panic. These people did save me after all, whoever they were. If they wanted to kill me, they probably would have already done it, unless they were a sick pair of psycho killers...

I took another breath and tried to push myself up. Pain shot through my leg like wildfire, causing me to collapse back on the bed that I was tucked into.

My leg was wrapped in a thick bandage, and I was thankful. I didn't want to see the mangled mess that was left of it. Left from what that creature did to me.

That creature.

What the hell was that?!

My heart raced as the images of my attack poured into my brain. Wolves. Big ass wolves. I had never seen anything like it. I tried to push away those images. Push away the images of the wolf tearing into my leg, or the golden-eyed devil who was trying to sate his own needs with my body.

I wouldn't cry. Now was not the time. I needed to get up and figure out where the hell I was, and who had saved me.

"She's just going to be a burden and a royal pain in my ass," a man groaned out from behind the door, a green door that separated me from the two men who were talking right outside.

"It's only a month. Barely. Others have survived, she could too," a man pleaded.

"I've had enough of this," the other man almost growled.

Light pooled into the room as the door was thrown open and the light's turned abruptly on. I had to shield my eyes with my arm, so they could adjust to the harshness. My eyes blinked rapidly, squeezing hard as I tried to make out what was happening.

A gun.

A shotgun was being pointed at me.

I scrambled up as best I could, backing myself into the corner of the best and using a pillow as a shield. Like that would have helped.

It was the man. The gray haired goon who told me to get off his property before.

He was the one that saved me?"

"Please! Please, I mean no harm, please don't kill me," I cried out.

"Levi don't do this, you don't want her blood on your hands," a tall man with dark hair, almost black, and brown eyes like chocolate pleaded. He looked at me frantically then back at Levi, who was shooting daggers at me with his silver eyes. "Levi, please."

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