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I shimmied into jeans and threw on my shirt. I pulled on my belt and clipped on my rebel flag belt buckle. I put on my black cowboy hat before hopping out of the trailer. This was my 'special' riding attire. Grandma gave it to me as a present and I only wore it on special occasions...or at least days when I wanted to feel special.

       The buzz of the rodeo happened around me. Horses whinnying, girls squealing, and boys walking around as their  chaps swung from their legs. The heat was unbearable and there wasn't a lick of wind.

I unlocked the trailer and led Trixy to where I tacked her up. I did a quick run over with a curry comb and I picked her feet as well. It was 11:00. Barrel racing started at noon. I cinched on her saddle then pulled myself into it.

     "And our final racer, Amelia Campbell, on her horse Trixy!" The announcer called.

   "Get!" I yelled as I kicked Trixy in her sides. As soon as she passed the sensor our minds seemed to morph together. We rounded the first barrel in a blur. The second was easy. The third, a breeze. We ran down home stretch and straight passed the sensor.

    "15.8 folks! Our winner is your lovely, Amelia Campbell!" The announcer yelled as cheers rose up from the audience. I smiled and hopped off of Trixy. As I lead her back to the trailer, I got a few 'congratulations' or 'you did great' but I mostly got smiles or glares. I didn't care, I won.

I was never one to take the credit. Trixy was an amazing horse. She was fast and cool headed; practically the best combination for me. She rarely bucked and was always calm and collected in whatever situation I put her in.

      After I untacked Trixy I changed out of my show shirt and boots. Hopping out of the trailer, I walked to the stands.

Bull riding started as I sat down with my pretzel and water.

   "Our first rider, Hunter Brown!" The announcer called as the brown haired boy from yesterday was released from the shoots on a bull. I never understood why people thought riding an angry bull was fun. Or why riding anything mad would be a good idea.

There was a quick gust of wind and in an instant my hat flew off my head and landed neatly in the dirt on the other side of the fence. Before I could even think of getting up and grabbing it, Hunter's hat flew off and landed right next to mine. The buzzer rang and he hopped off, running towards the direction of our hats and out of the line of sight of the pissed off bull. He stopped to pick up his, picked up mine in the process, and jumped the fence. He scanned the crowd. As his eyes settled on me, a lop sided grin came onto his lips.

      "I believe this belongs to you." He said handing me my hat. My cheeks warmed.

     "Thanks." I said with a smile as I grabbed my hat. Before he could keep talking, I jumped up from my seat, and walked to my trailer.

            After a while I walked back to my trailer to figure out something to do.

"Surprise!" Someone yelled. I spun and saw grandma and grandpa walking towards me. I ran towards them with a huge grin on my face. I hadn't seen them in forever.

  "How'd you guys know I was here?" I asked as grandpa tackled me in a hug, his beard scratching my cheek.

   "I did some digging." Grandma said as I kissed her warm cheek.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so happy to see you." I exclaimed as I gave grandma a hug.

  "We are too." Grandpa said as he clasped my shoulder.

"Those your parents?" A brunette yelled as she walked passed. I tensed. Grandma frowned at me as she saw my posture but just turned around and gave the girl a stiff smile.

"No dear were her grandparents." She said before turning back around and rolling her eyes. "What is that all about?" She continued

  "It's just some stupid thing. It's fine." I mumbled as I stared daggers into the girls head. Grandma didn't sound impressed but dropped it.

"So, you got a lover?" Grandpa asked.

"What? No!" Scrunched my nose as I spoke. Grandma giggled.

"Oh honey, I just can't wait for you to get one. I will be just ecstatic!" She exclaimed as she clasped her hands together.

"I haven't seen y'all in forever. Lets talk about something else besides boys." I said.

     It was nearly sundown when grandma and grandpa said they had to leave.

  "Thank ya'll for comin'. It's been a while." I said as I hugged grandpa.

"It has." He mumbled. I hugged grandma. As I did she slipped a letter into my hand.

  "Once you've taken your shower, open it." She whispered in my ear. I nodded and watched them leave.

   After I had slipped on my pajamas, a knock came from my door again. When I opened it, a six pack of bud light and a note sat instead of a rose. I looked around again and again, no one was in sight. I grabbed the stuff and brought it in. Opening the note it read:

I promise you I'm not a stalker. I just thought you'd like something to celebrate with.

            That's all it read. I popped open a bottle them moved on to gran's letter. I opened it and a gold locket, $20.00, and a note slipped out. It read:

                      You have the heart of a wild mustang. You're sweet and kind and don't take crap from no one. You are beautiful even if you don't believe it and you parents never saw the raw potential I see now. What they've done to you is horrid and no little girl should have to go through what you went through. You're heart is as well a golden one. Those are very rare and I'm glad that one could be withheld in my granddaughter. I give you this heart locket that my mother gave to me when I was your age. Remember I and grandpa always will love you and if you need someone or a place to stay, we welcome you with open arms.


          Tears ran down my cheeks as I fingered the locket. Popping it open, a picture of me,grandma, and grandpa when I was smaller was set into it.  Silently I found the clasp and hung it around my neck. I wiped the tears and put both the letters in a little drawer. Climbing into bed, I said my prayers and went to sleep.

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