Chapter one

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Abby sat looking through the pages of the happiest day of her life.

~Flash back~

Abby sat in her beautiful white gown looking at herself in the mirror her hair curled and put up looking amazing but she was unsure of how she looked. "You look just like me on my wedding day" Abby turned to see her mother walking towards her

"Lucky for me" she answered sarcastically with a roll of her eyes

"Abby dear this is meant to be your happiest day of your life... well before starting a family" Maryen looked down at her daughter in her white flowing dress.

"No I look fat, " Maryen shook her head "you do not look fat Abby, you look beautiful and your father would be so proud of you just like I am now" Abby smiled softly at her mother.

Maryen looked down at her watch "well are you ready dear?"

Abby took a deep breath "as ready as I will ever be" she grabbed her bouquet, linked arms with her mother and left the hotel room.

As they sat in the limo, Abby started to freak out "I'm going to be late"

"Darling its fashionable for the bride to be late, I was an hour late for mine"

"I think I'm going to be sick" Abby felt the nausea rise up her throat

"Take a deep breath" Maryen held her daughters hand "where here, do you need a minute?"

"No" she took a deep breath "no I'm fine let's go" Maryen helped Abby get out of the limo.


The music started as Abby and her mother slowly made their way up to the altar, once they reach it Maryen handed Todd Abby's hand and smiled "I know you to will live a long happy life together" she kissed her daughter then made her way to the vacant seat in the front row

They said their vows, and then the 'I Do's' Abby could not believe it she was married wow she thought never thought that would happen. Abby and Todd walked out together and made their way like everyone else to the Hotel's Hall where they held the reception.

The room went silent and Todd's best man stood up "I haven't known Abby for very long but there are a few things I do know like I know she's a beautiful, intelligent -"

"Married" coughed Todd, which made everyone laugh

"well yes and that but, the most important thing is that I know she is the one for Todd, they are perfect for each other and I know for a fact that they will be so happy together, that's all I could ask for is that Todd, Abby and their children live a long happy life together" Todd stood up and hugged his friend while everyone clapped

"suppose I should say a few words, well where do I start umm I just wanted to thank everyone for coming today it made this day perfect having all our friends and family here to celebrate this very special day with us I would also like to thank Abby I would be lost without you, you have made me the happiest man alive" Todd bent down and gave her a passionate but quick kiss "now my love I think it's about time for our dance" Abby smirked at him while he help her stand "now don't be standing on my feet I would want any broken toes now" he laugh as she slapped him in the arm

they swayed slowly gazing into each other's eyes, forgetting where they were and everyone around them - I don't want to miss one smile, I don't want to miss one kiss, Well, I just want to be with you, Right here with you, just like this, I just want to hold you close, Feel your heart so close to mine, And stay here in this moment, For all the rest of time- they let the music block out the sounds around them, it was just them, them and only them no one else. It was the happiest moment of both their lives nothing could change that.

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