Chapter three

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( I am skipping a head a bit and not putting all the details of the pregancy other wise that would go on forever)

Abby glanced at herself in the mirror imagining what she would look like once or even if she got to full term with the baby.

Abby grabbed a pillow from the bed, put it up inside her top, and looked at herself with a rounded stomach but to be honest Abby quite like it because she did not look to bad providing that she did not put too much weight on with the baby.

Abby heard the front door open and close which brought Abby back to the present.

"Abby" Todd called out from down stairs.

Abby wasn't sure what to say  so she walked out of her on suite chucking the pillow back on the bed and walked out of her room and bent over the banister and yelled "I'll be down in a second" Abby rushed back into the room  placing the test's back into the box, placing it deep into her make-up box .

"Okay, you can do this" Abby said taking deep breathes as she walked out of her room and rushed down the steps.

Abby walked into the kitchen and over to Todd.

Todd turned to see Abby walk in "Hey babe, feeling better today?" Todd asked walking up to Abby placing a kiss on her lips.

"I'm more than fine " Abby said a little to brightly.

Todd frowned at Abby as he put the food way in the cupboards and Abby smiled at her husband. Todd had his back to Abby as he put the food way in the cupboards. Abby walked up behind Todd and wrapped her arms round his waist and hugged him tight.

"Hey, what's that for?" Todd said turning round opening his arms for Abby to walk into.

"I love you that's all" Abby said hugging Todd.

"I love you too" Todd kissed the top of Abby's head.

Later that evening Abby and Todd were sitting round the dinner table when Abby asked "Todd, do you remember the question you asked me on the beach on our honeymoon?" Abby looked up at Todd who nodded looking down at Abby.

"Of course I remember, I asked you if you wanted to have children. why?" Abby shrugged.

" well ...How would you feel if I was pregnant?" Todd looked at Abby..

"I would be over the moon" Abby smiled.

"that's good because .... I know it's took early to be giving out christmas presents already but I think you will want to see this..." Abby pulled out the tests from the empty seat next to her  and handed Todd the box.

"Happy early Christmas baby" Abby said watching Todd closely.

Todd opened the box taking one test out of the box and placing it on the table then , taking out the other test.

"So...does that mean that..."Todd looked down at the tests with the clear pink lines then at Abby who nodded with a big smile on her face.

"I'm pregnant Todd" Abby beamed.
" that's not all, I had it confirmed by the Dr and I am 14 weeks and I am not just eating for two I am eating for 3" Todd frowned for a split second until he understood what she was trying to say.

"You have just made me the happiest man, I love you Abby Lee Schoenfield-Miller, so we are having twins" Todd jumped out of his chair and helped Abby up out of her chair and took her into his arms and kissed her passionately.

"what's happened?" Maryen asked walking into the kitchen seeing Todd and Abby in each others arms crying.

"Mom, you might want to sit down" Abby gestured to an empty chair as she let go of Todd

Maryen took Abby's advice and sat down in the empty seat "I'm pregnant, with Twins mom" Abby said smiling from ear to ear.

"Oh my Abby, that is wonderful news" Maryen Miller  got out of her seat and  hugged her daughter as she began to sob.

"congratulations to you both and I will alwaysbe here for you if you need me" Maryen said hugging  Todd. "Thank you, that's lovely" Todd said hugging Maryen.

(9 months and 2 weeks later)

Abby woke up with a smile upon her face. Abby glanced over to her clock sighing she got out of bed now 9 months and 2 weeks pregnant and got ready for work, kissing Todd before she left .Abby was in her office going over some files at exactly 9 am an hour before her first class for the day.

Abby was in the middle of teaching class with her  new teaching assistant Gianna who glanced at Abby wanting her input on routine.

" what do you..."Gianna asked only to stop seeing Abby looking uncomfortable "

"Um are you okay Abby? I'm just asking because you look a little pale" Gianna asked walking over to Abby placing her hand on her shoulder. Abby was bent over taking deep breaths.

Without looking up she answered, "I'm fine" when Gianna didn't move she added, "Honestly I'm fine carry on" and with that Gianna took one last glance at Abby before she went back to work.

Abby had about 10minutes left before the class finished  she was currently watching the girls dance when she felt something dribble down her leg, thinking nothing of it she continued to watch the dance, 5 minutes later she felt a sharp pain she felt early again but this time it lasted a few seconds making  Gianna stop what she was doing  and look at Abby who was taking a deep breaths and then continued knowing that she need to get this done because her child was ready to be born.

once the dance was done Abby ordered a Laura another teacher at the ALDC to lock up then she left,   Gianna drove Abby to the hospital  where they walked up to reception with Abby holding onto her stomached now being in a lot of pain she yelled at the lady to get a doctor before screaming in pain

"Ma'am calm down what is wrong?" The receptionist tried to calm down the Abby down.

Taking a deep breath before answering, "I'm... Having" she screamed again "my baby" her head felt light and it was only a matter of seconds before she collapsed.


Abby's eyes fluttered open "Abby?" Todd was sitting next to her bed holding her hand.

"Todd what... What happened?" Abby asked in a small voice

Todd didn't answer he just handed her one of their new baby girls , as soon as Abby laid eyes on her she started to cry, wiping the tears away she whispered "Molly"glancing down at the little girl in he arms.
" what about this little lady Abby?" Abby glanced a the little girl in her fathers arms.
" I was thinking Madison or Maddie for short" Todd shugged.
" I like that Madison or Maddie" Abby nodded her approval.

"Molly and Maddie " Todd repeated, "its perfect, Molly and Maddie Schoenfield-Miller" Todd placed a kiss on Abby's temple and looked down at his little girl in her mothers arms then glanced at the little one in his arms and placed a gentle kiss to her forehead.

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