Chapter Five

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The day of the custody battle came faster than expected for Abby who took a deep breath before stepped into the court with her lawyer at side while Todd who was a lawyer he was representing himself so he sat alone. The judge came into the room and everyone stood up and then sat down seconds later.

Abby glanced over at Todd who was staring straight ahead then back at the judge.

"Today's case Mr Schoenfield verse Miss Abby Lee Miller over the residence of their 2 children Molly and Madison 6" the judge read out to the court.

"That is correct your honour" Todd said approaching the bench.

Through the whole case, Todd gave his version of events and then Abby's lawyer spoke up on her behalf.

"Your honour my client has a stable job and a more than suitable place for both girls to live" Abby's lawyer, said.

"Your honour if I may?" Todd spoke up

"Yes Mr Schoenfield?"

"Miss Miller may have a more than suitable place for the girls to live but she has a very demanding Job that would take up majority of her time she even told me herself," Todd said glancing at Abby who shook her head at Todd.

"How would you know that would happen Mr Schoenfield?" the judge asked

"Well your honour there has been many times where Miss Miller has missed events like her daughters second birthday and many times where she was unable to pick her own children up from school because she was busy at work"

"Miss Miller do you have anything to say about that statement?"

Abby slowly stood up on shaky legs "Your honour Todd - Mr Schoenfield and I work the same hours so I don't see how that plays a part in any of this"

"and yet I was there for every play date, school event I was there every day to pick them up and I was there telling them why their mother wasn't tucking them in or kissing them good night""

After several words passed backwards and forwards through the court, the judge spoke up "alright there will be a twenty minute recess while I go over everything and make my decision"

Abby went outside needing air she walked over to a quite bit near a garden bench and sat down unable to stop the tears so she just let them come out. Abby sat for a good ten minutes sobbing her heart out over this whole situation, taking a deep breath she wiped away the tears and made her way to the ladies bathroom, where she wiped away the tears and then replied her makeup. Once she looked half-decent, she started for the room where her fate would be decided but Todd blocked her way at the doors

"Look Abby I'm sorry but I think this is the right decision"

Abby just glared at him pushing past him and into the room; not wanting to talk to the man who was taking away her children for that reason and another was she was afraid that she would start crying again but not being able to stop herself this time.

The judge was silent for a moment, which was making Abby's heart race, and then the judge spoke

"The court rules in favour of.... Mr Schoenfield who will have full custody of Madison, Miss Miller you will have custody of Molly " the judge slammed down the hammer

Abby cried out while Todd looked please, Abby got up and as fast as she could left the court house not wanting to be anywhere near it tears streaming from her face as soon as she was outside she collapsed to her knees and burred her face in her hands sobbing so hard it hurt

Todd followed Abby making sure she was alright but the sight he saw broke his heart he had never seen her so broken he stopped watching he for a moment before slowly making his way over to her "Abby are you alright?" he asked in a soft voice

She stopped crying and stood up not bothering to wipe away the tears that this man had cause and looked him right in the eye "you have destroyed my life taking away my Maddie and separating the girls and all but, you know other than that I'm fine" sarcasm dripping from every word one last glare at him she turned on her heels and made her way to her car where she cried until no more tears fell.

When Abby got home the last thing she expected was too see her mother sitting in her kitchen drinking wine

"I heard"Maryen got up and hugged her daughter

Abby would normally pull away but she was too weak and at that moment, she needed a hug, someone to tell her it will be all right in the morning

After a few minutes Abby slowly pulled away "a man who works the same hours as the mother is a good provider and a mother works the same hours is what we call an absentee mother" Abby quoted the judge "that's what he said the judge can you believe that" slumping down on the couch she kicked her shoes off and closed her eyes wanting it all to just go away

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