Part 2

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They fell asleep in each other's arms. Feriha awoke first and found her in Emir's arms. She cozied up more to him. She looked at him and tried to touch his cheeks but Emir woke up and her fingers shied away from touching him. He gave her a contended smile.
Feriha got off him, Emir leaned off the sofa.

"Emir, its evening and I am hungry"
"We will have to go out for that, there is nothing here now to eat" feriha nodded in reply. They left for a restaurant.
Emir held out the door of the car for her. When they sat in she said "after long time I sit with you"

He smiled back at her and patted her hand.

"Let's go"
"Ok" and he started the car.

After mulling over for some time, feriha said to Emir, "Emir, there are a lot of things to sort out. I've to shift from the room" and she turned to him "about 'Night'. We will have to talk to cansu about it. Before I talk to cansu I want to discuss few things with you"
He nodded.
"First, you shift from the room. We will talk to cansu later"
"Emir, where are we going?"
"Hotel" He glanced at her and asked her "If you want we can go somewhere else"
"Yes! You read my mind, can we go to seaside café"
At the café:
Feriha asked Emir to order .Feriha kept looking at the sea, "I missed it so much, its mystic waves give peace"
He nodded in agreement and looked mystically at the calm sea.
They ate and left for the hotel.

At the hotel:
They got off the car together hand in hand. They went to reception. Feriha spoke to the receptionist, "good evening, I want to change my room, can you shift me to some other room"
"Is there any problem with the room ma'am? "
"No, I am shifting out of that room, Mr. Levent will continue to stay there"
"Okay ma'am" she checked in the computer for the empty room and said " Room no. 1303. Here are the keys" The receptionist handed over the keys to feriha. She turned to Emir with the keys when Emir said "feriha, I am waiting for you in the club" she understood and nodded back, Emir wanted to avoid Levent.
She knocked at room no.1108. Mr. levent answered. He looked at her intriguingly "feriha! Why did you have to knock the door, your keys?"
She got in " Mr. levent" she paused before continuing, levent got a little closer she looked upto him and said in a dry tone " I am shifting out of this room, I have come to collect my belongings"
"feriha!" he gasped

"Mr. levent, I cannot be or live what I can't. I know I've been unfair to you but not anymore. All this anger, revenge does not have any meaning; only thing that has any meaning is the truth. The truth with which I lived from the time I knew what was love? I lived with it and tried to live without it too. Without it my life had no meaning. I want to live that truth again, I want to live again. Bye Bye. Mr. Levent" levent for the first time was scared to look in her eyes. He didn't want to read what she was saying. He knew that feriha loved Emir and his last attempt to be with feriha had also failed. Feriha had refused his marriage proposal and now that she was leaving the room, he knew he had lost her forever.
She went inside gathered all her belongings and left the room.
Levent went to the lobby and enquired about Emir from the receptionist. "he is in 'night' sir!"
Levent went straight to 'night' and found emir examining a bottle of liquor "sarrafoglo"
Emir looked up "That's familiar, captain!" He said with a sardonic smile.
"You are learning to play games, smart way of trying to save your club"
"Captain!" Emir retorted angrily.
"I am not finished yet sarrafoglo, you are trying to get even with me for what happened 3 years ago. Don't play with her. You don't know..."
"Captain ! I don't want to hear anything from you about her. And I don't play games, I am not a coward. Rules of game at land and sea are different and here truth wins"
"Mr. Levent, what are you doing here?" said Feriha. She had come to club to see Emir and saw levent and Emir arguing.

She walked up to them " I never gave you the liberty to solve problems of my life you were my friend and confidante and never more than that."
"Feriha!" Mr. Levent retorted
"Mr. levent please!" levent understood and turned to walk away.
But Emir called him again "Captain!" feriha stopped emir; she squeezed his hand "Emir, stop this"
"feriha! Don't stop me today" he spoke in anger
"Emir please calm down".
He jerked her hand away angrily, looking at the receding figure of levent.
There was an eerie silence between them in the room. Emir opened a bottle of liquor and took a sip.
Feriha gathered herself up and went to him.

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