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basically, this story is written in yoongi's pov~

it was on a saturday that i met him. 10:00 am to be exact. he was wearing a red jumper and tight, black skinny jeans that hugged his thighs. his attire could have been considered normal if not for the fact that it was for a clothing line.

if it was not obvious, he was a model, which was expected, as he was very attractive - definitely my type.

my job consisted of taking shots of him at different angles, which all turned out great because i was considered a good photographer. his managers considered me because of this reason, maybe because he was royalty.

our greeting consisted of a firm handshake, which sent tremors down my spine. the handshake wasn't really firm, because his hands were soft, and i wondered what they would feel like running down my back.

watching him pose was like watching a masterpiece being made. every turn he made, every sharp or sultry gaze he held made me spellbound. i ended up taking more pictures than was necessary, because i couldn't help it.

after the shoot, he came over to check the photos. he looked impressed, and gave me a wide smile that made his eyes turn into slits, which was terribly cute. i felt his warm breath on my left shoulder, and i felt pleasure that i couldn't describe.

"you're really talented," he said. his voice made me shiver and i had a fleeting image of him saying my name under me, but i shook the thought off.

"t-thank you," i smiled. he gave me a pat on the shoulder and walked away with the stylist noonas.

that night, pictures of him littered my wall like perfect paintings on a canvas. usually, during the late hours, i am asleep, but that day i spent them observing his pictures.

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