#Imagine 2

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You've just broken up with your boyfriend, you caught him cheating on you so you have spent the past few weeks with your best friend Nathan. You have been growing closer to Nathan everyday and you keep trying to deny it to yourself but its getting to hard, you like him.

"are you sure you okay (yn)?" Nathan asks in a caring tone, you pause, "yeah, I was just thinking about everything.." after a minute of silence Nathan walks over you and gives you a bear hug. His cold breath tickles your ears sending shivers through your whole body. "lets watch a film" he says loudly almost as a demand. "TITANIC!!" you shout in an excited tone. He sighs, "okay" he winks at you and goes to get the DVD. You sit there smiling to yourself, does he feel the same way? He doesn't like me, does he? Maybe he does? No he cant.

* About an hour into the film*

You cuddle up into Nathan's chest, your eyelids start to become heavy and you start drifting off into sleep but and woken by Nathan trying to get up. "don't leave me" you whisper. He looks you in the eyes and says "I will never leave you.." he kisses you softy on the lips and lifts you up, he carries you to the spare bedroom and places you gently on the bed. "stay with me?" you ask in a tired soft voice, "of course" he whispers. He lifts off his shirt and takes off his joggers so he is just left  in his boxers. You cant help but stare, "like what you see huh?" he winks then lays beside you, you instantly cuddle up into his bare chest and he wraps his arms around your waist. "goodnight (yn)" You kiss he chest and whisper back "goodnight Nathan" and you fall asleep in his arms.

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