I'm free

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There comes the time, when you don't want to be like the people around you. 

You don't want to be like that asshole you beaten up to the floor.

"I have fifteen stitches".

You don't want to be like your father or your own brother.

And anyone else from your family.

"Please stand up. Court considered Harry Edwards Styles as guilty".

You dont want to be like the judge.

"and sentenced him to eighteen years imprisonment in suspension".

You dont want to be, who you are.

You want to run away

His loud steps echoed through the courts, corridor walls.

"Be careful, one more fight like this and you'll end up in jail" his brother announced while speeding behind him.

He took his coat off and exchanged it with his brother, to his leather jacket.

"Harold, did you hear that?" Asked the lawyer also speeding behind.

"Why didnt mum come" His deep voice more of demanded than asked.

"Shes out of town -"

"Dont" He faced the lawyer "Call me Harold".

It felt like the corridor never ended, until the light from outside wasn't visible from outside the opened doors.

His body was at last on the motorbike. Strong hands covering the grips and turning on the engine making a loud noise. Wind was swiping his curls back even more and eyes slightly shut.

At last I am free.

Suddenly, something happens. 

Something begins.

You know something is going to change.

It already changed.

"Hey ugly" his deep voice shouted. The motorbike was still, and red light shining above the street. He was sitting on the bike with crossed arms, waiting for the brunette girl infront of him in the black limo, to turn around. He whisled at her, before she slowly faced him. She had a slightly tanned body, and kind of a baby face. Brown, wavy hair, falling out out the car window. 

"Yes you" He winked at her. She sat back inside the car and looked straight forwards trying to ignore him, as he approached her and grabbed the opened window.

"Hey ugly" He whispered before the limo didnt move forward. She looked out behind and her middle finger soon shot up making him laugh and fall his head back.

Since that day, nothing will be the same.


Heyyy :) So I know this is realllly short, but trust me its just the beggining! I promise the next bit will be longer and much more interesting! It's the first time I'm writing a story, so pleaseee keep reading! Love you xxx

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