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My name is Shirakawa Masaru, 15 years old. I was told that I am a bit effeminate both in features and actions. But that's because my sister loves to dress me up as her imouto while my mom taught me how to do housework saying that she'll turn me into a yamato nadeshiko.

Really... Those two were so scary that even dad gave up protesting about my being treated as a girl.

But I disgress....

Because I was raised that way, I lived through middle school with only my childhood friend, Hiragisawa Satoshi as my companion. The girls in my grade resent me because the boys treated me as their princess, saying that I would make a better girlfriend since I actually know how to cook. The boys, aside from Shi-chan, refuse to let me join them stating that I would be tainted by their roughness. It's a really painful existence.

However, I never would have thought that I would soon be able to make use of my hated upbringing due to a very unfortunate event.

It was the end of classes and Shi-chan was walking with me towards the supermarket. As we were walking relaxedly, my best friend called me,

"Oi, Masaru... What are you planning to buy?"

"Hmm? I was thinking about buying some ingredients for cookies and cake. Would you like to have some?" I asked.

"Make it a strawberry shortcake." Was his reply...

Really, Shi-chan's obsession with strawberry-flavored sweets is so amusing. So, I told him that I'll make him one but he has to teach me how to play basketball. When I told him that, he smirked at me and began to drag me to the supermarket.

Inside the supermarket, as we were buying the ingredients that I need, a kid playing with a store trolley accidentally knocked down the shelf behind us. In an attempt to protect me, Shi-chan used his body to cover my escape. However, my left foot was caught under the shelf so I was unable to move.

Where's the help? I thought to myself while trying to help my friend push the shelf outward. As I hear people screaming, I mumbled, "If you have time to scream, you guys have the time to help us out."

Hearing me grumble in discontent, Shi-chan grunted at me and answered, "You have to try to escape. This thing is too heavy for me, y'know."

"Not going to happen. If I leave, this stupid shelf would slowly crush you to death." I denied his request. Really, as if I'd leave him alone. I'm sure that help would come sooner or later.

Unfortunately, the people in the supermarket are such stupid idiots that by the time the help arrived, Shi-chan and I have already lost the battle with the damn shelf and were crushed to death.

My last thought back then was, Shi-chan's gonna sulk at not having his sweets. I hope he'll still talk to me in the afterlife.

After that, I heard my friend tell me before we both closed our eyes, "You better give me my cake later, Masaru-Baka."

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