1. In Love

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"You know... I'm in love you. Like more than how we really say it. The way your eyes just twinkle at the littlest things, like when you see an oil spill on the rainy pavement. When your hair just gets all fuzzy after you take off your hood because your embarrassed of making eye contact with other people when you haven't gotten enough sleep. I like when you call my name. It's soft, like you want it to be a secret, like you make me feel like I'm centimeters away, though you're only-" Through my speech, I rudely get interrupted. "Wow!" A voice in the back claps, an obnoxious clap.

I'm one of those, weird kids. I have many friends. Yet none. I'm loud, not too quietly but very preserved. Not everyone knows too much about me because I keep myself sly and curious to others. And I like it that way.

But somehow, this guy just shows up and thinks he can ask me every little thing about my life, and it's funny, because I actually respond to everything.


"Who are you talking to?" This guy, he's pretty short, has the brightest blue eyes, almost white appearing, he has a thing for ripped jeans and holes in his shirt. "Sorry. I thought I was alone... I guess not."

"Anyways, who's that about. Sounds cute. Maybe cliche. I hate romance. Well, unless whoever you're talking about is into that stuff, then... Eh not bad dude." This stranger speaks. "Yeah. For my crush. My best friend actually. Pretty in love. " I smile at the thought, I really like him which is why I've been rehearsing my lines for what to say.

"So, you telling her tonight?" I still haven't got the guy's name yet but I don't even want to know if I'm trying to tell him that, the guy I like, is a guy. I don't know this stranger anyways. So I'll just spill. "It's actually a guy. His name is Shawn."

"Ah. You's a gay boy. I couldn't tell. I am too... So is this Shawn boy, is he in that party?" He asks pointing at the house. The both of us are just lounging in the front alley of the house where a black picket fence blocks the view of the road on the other side. "Yeah. He is. By the way, why aren't you in there?"

"I hate parties. I also told you I hate romance. I hate everything. But I didn't tell you my name. I'm Nash." Nash hmm, doesn't match his face. But he's alright.

Nash takes a seat on the sidewalk and I join. "So, I'm Cameron. And, hold on I've got a phone call." I pick it up and it's Aaron blabbering in the phone and I can't tell what the hell he's saying.

"Cam! Watch out!" Nash pulls me close to him as I drop my phone on the floor. People come swarming out of the gate that I was standing in front of. Everyone crowding and trampling my phone.

I see Aaron and he's yelling, "They cops are crashing the Jacks party. Run! Leave! They're cuffing people! Leave everyone!" I look at him and glance at Nash. "What do we do? Let's go stop standing there!" Nash tugs at me but I stare at my phone and pick it up. "I'll help you get a new one?"

"Just let me call Sh-" I see the window rolling down, and just one car catches my eye. Through all these people racing through the streets, I only see him. Shawn runs his hand through his hair as he's in a car, with someone else.

I feel a nudge at my shoulder. "Oh. That must me Shawn... And he's in the car with Taylor. Ah, my friend dated him once. He's good at, um, never mind. We should go." Nash tugs my hand and walks ahead of me.

"Um, would you like to walk me home?" Nash asks and I shrug, letting go of his hand. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess. Um, I came with a group of friends. But I mean, I would of rode you home. Drove you home. Sorry. But my mood is pretty much killed. If I'm more awkward than earlier... Sorry."

I walk with him, he's in the lead because he knows where his own home is anyways. And I guess we get there though it was only like a five minute walk with us just talking about how we both don't like parties.

I stand and watch Nash on his porch to make sure he gets in his home safely. But the takes a step back from the door. "Want to come in?" He asks me softly. "Your parents?" I q' with a concern. "You'll have to be quiet."

With that I nod and follow him into his house. He walks up the stairs softly with me trailing behind. And once were in his room, he locks the door while closing it quietly.

His room decorated with a ton of vinyls and American flag tapestries. "Nice style." I mention. "Thanks. I also hate lies. So, yeah. Don't compliment if you don't mean it."

Nash pulls two cans of soda out of his metal bucket with melted ice in it. "Here catch and come sit." Nash takes a criss cross onto the floor and pats the ground. "So, are you a virgin?" Nash says flat. "Um, honestly?" I ask with a weird tone, kinda nervous and embarrassed. "Lie to me."

"I've never had sex. And what about you?" I poke at his knee. "It's none of your business." Nash puts his soda by his feet and lays down with his head falling against all the pillows on the floor. "Let me see your hand." Nash reaches out for his as we intertwine them slowly together. "Now tell me, do you see me as the virgin or slut?"

I feel his hand with mine, rubbing his backhand, our fingers, with the gaps just connecting even closer. "You're something I've never felt before." I whisper and look into his eyes, the blue, practically drowning him. "That's a good answer."

"I'm not use to sleeping with people around." Nash says softly so I let go of his hand but he pulls my hand back and intertwines it again. "I'm up for something new." Nash gets into his sides as he puts my arm around him. I feel my hand against his chest as I snuggle my face behind his neck.

"I can hear your heart beat." Nash whispers. I freeze and apologize, "I'm sorry." I can even feel Nash laughing because his body shakes in the most delicate way.

Nash thumb presses against my hand as he rubs it soothingly. I'm in the most awkward position because I want to scoot closer but I'm afraid he won't like that. I want to comfort him the way he's doing for me.

"If you want, I'll help Shawn fall in love with you." Nash's body is warm, and I don't respond but all I do is nod and finally nuzzle my head in the crook of his neck.

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So, I've realized all my cash books on this profile are literally so shitty, like worse than my other books. So to make it up to my readers, and myself, I've come up with this new cash book.

I've told myself to stop coming up with so many things I'll never finish but eh, maybe this book will just be one of them. This will probably turn out so, eh.

But this first chapter and second chapter is inspired by the movie First Time. However, nothing else will be based off the movie.

Also, for the mean time, it should only be Cameron POV, however maybe I'll want Nash included but not so much.

Maybe Shaylor will eminence because Shawn and Taylor are everything to me.

So here we begin. New book. Enjoy.


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