Interview with Lady Lucia on where to start.

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Okay so let’s get a bit more insights on this and what better way to get some great insights on where to start writing a book than from a fellow writer as good as our dear Lady Lucia, if you haven’t read her work yet then I strongly suggest it, she can surly teach you a thing or two about fighting scenes even if she herself doubts it. Let's give a big hand for doing this interview! Inspiration comes from all points of view :)

1.       Where did you get the idea for your book Inner Demon?

I always thought it would be cool to have another “person” in your head you could talk to and keep you company whenever you were lonely.  Creepy, I know. I’ve also always loved demons for some reason, so I put those two ideas together! :D

Originally, Inner Demon was called Halfling. It was a different story told through the POV of a half demon named Yuki. She was conceived when her father, ruler of the demon world, came to her mother because he saw her in a dream. He only crossed into the human realm to conceive Yuki. Why? I’m not sure… Somehow, Yuki ends up in the demon world where she meets two other demons.

These two guys were pretty much the prototypes for Erian and Cerus. Demons in the Halfling world had two forms: one of a human and one of a giant animal. I think Cerus–prototype was a silver fox and Erian–prototype was a black and green tiger. 

If you’ve read Inner Demon, I’m sure you see some familiar aspects in what I just told you. I ended up scraping the Halfling story, but that didn’t mean that it was completely gone. I recycled some of the ideas into Inner Demon.

As a writer, you shouldn’t despair or feel like you wasted you time if you end up with half a story that’s going nowhere. Don’t be afraid to end it if you feel like its draining you in that I–have–no–idea–what–I’m–doing–anymore way. Go through it and save your favourite bits whether names, phrases, scenes, characters, etc. They can be reused in something else. It’s like having spare parts.

2.       Like our first chapter on Writing Knowledge: Basics to Advance, did you plan out how Inner Demon was going to go? Did you follow the steps mention or do you have another way of planning when you start writing a book? 

I can’t say I took ALL of what was in Chapter One into consideration, but some of it I did.

I planned ahead Inner Demon so it wouldn’t suffer what Halfling went through. I sat down and developed my concept a bit more. I did research—which I’ll go into more detail in the next question. :P

I wrote down most of my major plot points or scenes I wanted and connected them with vague phrases like “they arrived and fought” or something like that. Basically it’s all a dull and simple telling of the story,

This is Inner Demon’s main plot points planning from the Prologue to Chapter 13:

“A and M fight- M gets sealed. R and D in school, M awakens. M goes out in world (something happens) R’s party. Separate and stuff. Amon comes the next day and he is weird. Truth about book is discovered later on.”

As I write the actual story, I fill in the blanks. That doesn’t mean that I had the entire thing planned out. It would be up to a certain point and once I reached that point, I already knew where the story was going to go. In fact,  not everything I plan even gets to come out in the story. Sometimes the story writes itself and takes me somewhere I didn’t think I would go. (Whew…said the word “story” a lot there…>>) 

I also planned out the characters. I love characters. I can’t say I actively chose what kind of structure they were going to play, but I did know more or less some of the conflicts they were going to face.  In this case, there was going to be man vs. man, man vs. self, and man vs. supernatural. Yay.

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