Lyric And Cena

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You And John Cena have been dating for about 2 years. Lately there's been arguments and fussing and fighting lately and you don't know what's wrong with him and he's been so distant. You decide you wanna spice up the relationship. You went to Victoria's secret and picked out a sexy lingerie and made the hotel room romantic. You heard John coming and you stood in front of the door. He looked at you then around. You smiled making your dimples appearing.

"Lyric what is this?" He asked.

"Just trying to show you how much I love you."You said wrapping your arms around him. He took them off and sighed.

"Lyric, no not tonight." He said annoyed. Your smile faded as you started to cry. You put a robe on and packed your stuff.

"I'm done with this shit." You said while packing.

"Done with what?" He asked.

"Trying to make this relationship work John! I knew it. You don't find me attractive anymore. You never pay attention to me. I paid over 600 dollars just to pleasure you tonight, but it
turns out I wasted my time. You don't don't care about me or need me. You never did. If there's someone else, just go to her because I'm through. We're done." You spoke while crying harder soon walking out. You saw your best friend Dwayne Johnson. He walked up to you and comforted you once he noticed your tears.

"Lyric, are you okay?" He asked. You shook your head no and your knees felt weak and you fell to the ground. He bridle style picked you up and carried you to his suite, and laid you down on the bed. He hugged you and comforted you and you guys laid there in silence. You eventually fell asleep, still hurt about John.


You woke up and saw that it was 5:00 pm. You slept forever and Dwayne kissed your head. You grabbed your stuff and took a quick shower and went downstairs to get something to eat. You saw John and he was in a suit. You we're in sweatpants and a shirt. He ran to you and you walked away.

"Lyric please." He said grabbing your hand, stopping you. He started running and you had to run because he had a tight grip to your hand.

"John let me go." You were saying but it was a lovely suite with a dinner table and your favorite flowers.

"What is this? " You asked, folding your arms.

"Lyric, I'm so sorry for the way that I've been treating you. I love you, im in love with you. I am attracted to you. I think you're sexy, amazing, and a great girlfriend. I apologize for everything. Please forgive me. We've been together for two years and yeah we have our up and downs but you are the only one I wanna be with for the rest of my life."

At this point you were crying and he got on one knee. Your mouth hung open. He opened the small box and it was a beautiful diamond ring.

"Lyric, will you marry me?" He asked. You nodded yes uncontrollably and he put the ring on your left ring finger. You smiled and he picked you up and kissed you with such passion. He softly laid you down on the bed.

He took your clothes off and you took his off too. He kissed on your neck and down your body and held your arms above your head. He kissed you and you kissed back as he slowly slid into you, causing you to growl.

You moaned and broke this kiss as he began moving in and out. You wrapped your legs around him and dug your nails deep into his back. You moaned out his name as he picked up the paste and the louder you got, the faster and deeper he went. He groaned your name and kissed in your neck and went slower and meaningful. He looked you in your eyes and kissed you again. He slowly pulled out as you both reached your climax ten minutes later. He collapsed next to you. He turned you around and made you face him .

"I love you baby." He smiled and gave you a kiss.

"Goodnight Baby, I love you too." You both cuddled and fell asleep with slight smiles on your faces.




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