lyric & cena

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Lyric's POV

Lyric's POV

John and I had been dating for about 3 years, and it was the greatest years of my life. Lately there's been arguments and fussing and fighting lately, I didn't know what to do. Everytime I wanted to make it right, he'd been acting distant. I guessed it was the sex we barely had, so I decided to spice it up. I had bought a lingerie and decorated the room. That had always got him sprung. Once he walked in I let my robe fall down.

"Hi baby." I smiled.

"Lyric what is this?" He asked.

"Just trying to show you how much I love you."I said wrapping your arms around him. He took them off and sighed.

"Lyric, no not tonight. I've been busy and I just wanna rest if you don't mind." He said annoyed. My smile faded and the tears started to come down. I was so tired of dealing with the same shit from him.

"Is there someone else?" I finally spoke after minutes of silence.

"No." He shook his head. I didn't believe him, so I just put my robe back on and gathered my things.

"I'm done with this shit." I muttered while packing.

"Done with what?" He asked.

"Trying to make this relationship work John! I knew it. You don't find me attractive anymore. You never pay attention to me. I paid over 600 dollars just to pleasure you tonight and as usual I wasted my time. You don't don't care about me or need me. I'm the only one trying here! But I'm done, we are done." I shoved past him and walked out of the door, to my best friends hotel.

"Lyric.." He sighed pulling me into his arms.

"I tried everything Dwyane, eveything." I choked. We walked into his room and I sat down, ranting about what happened today and what had been happening for a while. I was so tired that in the mist of talking I cried myself to sleep.


I woke up around 5 pm the next day, feeling like shit yet still tired. I hadnt realized how much sleep I lost worrying about John. I grabbed my things and took a shower, getting myself together before going downstairs to grab a bite. As I walked I noticed John in a suit. Meanwhile I was in sweats and a baggy t shirt. Once he spotted me he came over, but I walked away.

"Lyric please." He said grabbing my my hand, stopping me.

"Piss off!" I growled.

"Just let me explain Lyric please. Just ten minutes of your time." He begged.

"You have five." He led me to a roof and once I looked up, I saw a dinner table, wine and decorations. Along with my favorite flowers.

"What is this? " I asked, folding my arms.

"Lyric, I'm so sorry for the way that I've been treating you. I love you, im in love with you. I am attracted to you. I think you're the most sexiest woman alive. I didnt mean to act the way I did. I just didn't want to spoil the surprise." He admitted.

"What sur- oh my god.." I covered my mouth and began crying. He was on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand.

"I was going to wait after dinner, but damn it I can't spend anymore time hiding it. I don't want to spend my life with anyone else. You are my everything, and I want you to be my wife. Lyric, will you become Mrs Cena? Will you marry me?" He asked. I cried harder and nodded.

"Yes, yes." I broke down and kneeled down, kissing him passionately while he slipped the ring onto my finger. We stood up and kissed more.

"Oh my god it's beautiful." I whispered looking at the ring while he wiped his eyes.

"I love you so much." He told me.

"I love you too, I can't wait to be your wife."

"That you will be, but for right now I need you out of these clothes and I need to hear you scream my name right now, after you put on that lingerie again." He bit his lip making me giggle.

"I think I can do that." I led him to our room, getting down to business.

I couldn't wait to be tied to him forever.




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