the queen of books and right hooks.

shady with a heart of gold

wwe is my life. so are the 3 former members of the shield, obviously

wrestling finatic, future wrestler, lana and halsey addict, goal & gold digger.

one of a kind like rob van dam, badass like aj lee. crazy like ambrose, determined like reigns. the best like rollins, irreplaceable like beyonce.

everything screams queen i don't have to make a sound.

currently in love, the less you know about our business the better. just know she's most likely stalking me.

"no woman or man does it like she can and you can't put a dent in her amor."

08.31.15. 12.14.15. 12.13.15. 3.29.15. 4.3.16
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    roman's pants, locker room, house, bathroom, under his bed, etc wherever he is im with him
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    May 20, 2013 05:28PM
RomanReignsGirl RomanReignsGirl May 28, 2016 06:55PM
happy birthday to the it factor the best the Tyler black the Colby Lopez the Seth Rollins so happy to call him my idol and I'm happy to call him my husband as well, xoxo 
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Dean Ambrose One Shots (WWE) *Open*

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Description: Oneshots about the one and only, Dean Ambrose. Requests taken, read inside first for rules. Copyright ⓒ 2016 RomanReignsGirl


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i say what i want. if you don't like it, feel free to wait for me to give a fuck or two.

In Love With The Enemy (WWE)

In Love With The Enemy (WWE)

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You're My Minds Obsession. Copyright ⓒ 2016 RomanReignsGirl

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Something Special (WWE)

Something Special (WWE)

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when you're mine, i'll be generous. Copyright ⓒ 2016 RomanReignsGirl *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*

Same Old Love *WWE*

Same Old Love *WWE*

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I don't believe, I don't believe it. You left in peace, left me in pieces. Too hard to breathe, I'm on...

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